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    For about a year, I've been buying and watching various examples of the so-called film noir genre. Many of them are pretty good movies. This afternoon I watched one such called "Illegal", with Edward G. Robinson, Nina Foch, Hugh Marlowe and Jayne Mansfield. As usual, old Ed and Nina turned in outstanding performances. They were both lawyers and in the end, Robinson is defending Foch on a first degree murder charge, of which she is innocent.

    What parts did Jayne Mansfield play?

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    Well, one of the main reasons we've been a little scarce lately is that our son has turned us on to a cable show we hadn't heard of before, Burn Notice. Since we don't have cable, there are any number of shows we learn of long after the fact, and this is one.

    Anyway, we've now watched the first three seasons online, and will continue to watch the fourth season online as well, as the episodes come available. We've developed a similar fondness for this show that we had for 24. It's very interesting, and fun to watch the main character take a bunch of usually common products and combine things to make explosives, bugs, surveillance items, etc. Sort of a combination of 24, McGyver and Magnum PI. Excitement, intrigue, some romance, along with funny moments.

    Of course, I've also been busy working, and the Mrs. has been busy with Scouts, Little League, and has finished working at least for the summer.

    Busy, busy!

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    We watched People Will Talk, a 1951 offering with Cary Grant and Jeanne Crain. It's a favorite of the Mrs. If you should decide to watch it, be warned that it starts out a little slow, but by the end, you won't be sorry you stuck with it!

    The night before, we watched Pixar's Wall-E. Great movie.

    The night before that, my son and I watched Sherlock Holmes (the new one, from just a few months ago). Another great movie, with a different perspective of Sherlock Holmes than has been presented before.

    Space Cowboys - we revisited this movie for the umpteenth time. One of our favorites. Mine, in particular, since it glorifies 'old guys', and I'm rapidly becoming one. :))): I really like the fact that it is a great group of four of my favorite actors - Clint Eastwood, James Garner, Donald Sutherland, and Tommy Lee Jones.

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    We watched The Quiet Man . . . and since we couldn't find our VHS copy of Darby O'Gill and the Little People, we ordered one from Deep Discount!

    Last week, the Mrs. went with our kids to the theater and saw Alice in Wonderland (the new one with Johnny Depp, directed by Tim Burton). She says she is NOT a Johnny Depp/Tim Burton fan, but she really enjoyed the movie quite a bit.

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    Recently, I've decided to take a break from Westerns (my favorite genre) and explore the latest movie craze, which appears to be film noir. About a month ago, I bought about 25 of what are supposed to be classics of the noir genre (from Amazon) and have been watching them. One or two I've watched so far are pretty good movies, especially "Sorry, Wrong Number" and "Leave Her To Heaven".

    Stumpy, I was wondering how far you've made it through that set of 25, and what you can tell us about some of the other titles.

    As for us, we've been watching episodes of The Andy Griffith Show the past few nights, a few episodes a night. One we watched last night was a hoot - Aunt Bea decided she wanted to get a job, since Andy and Opie were gone most of the day, and she could get the housework done pretty quickly, and then all she had to do was sit around and look at the four walls!!! And then Andy wanted to know what she would want a job for (it was as if she was seeking his permission).

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    The Guardian, with Kevin Costner.
    From imdb . . . .
    A high school swim champion with a troubled past enrolls in the U.S. Coast Guard's "A" School, where legendary rescue swimmer Ben Randall teaches him some hard lessons about loss, love, and self-sacrifice.

    A very good movie, reminded me of my days at US Navy Second Class Dive School in San Diego, California back in 1968. WOW, am I getting Old, or What ?

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    Just got through season 1 of the rockford files -james gardner a great tv series

    Yeah, one of our favorites around here, too!

    As for the last non-western that I watched, it was V for Vendetta - one bizarre British movie, if ever I saw one.

    For some reason, to me it was reminiscent of Phantom of the Opera.

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