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    Hi Cookie & Milk -

    No. I never met Duke, unfortunately. If I had the wherewithal back in 1960 when he was here in San Antonio for the big premiere of "The Alamo," perhaps I could have. But that comes under the heading of opportunities lost.
    I know he did have three wives - you'll find more about these as you scan the posts.

    Good hunting and, again, welcome!

    Regards -

    Jay :)

    John Wayne Gilvin - A belated welcome to the John Wayne Message Board. I think you'll find a special comraderie here just as the Duke was a special individual. There is a lot of information that you will find here on John Wayne - there are some very knowledgeable people on this board that, more often than not, can answer an obscure question or two for you.

    As a relative newbie myself, I can say that you'll be made to feel welcome in no time at all.

    Cheers -

    Jay :D