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    Originally posted by Duke.45@Mar 13 2005, 01:03 AM
    My dad's not exactly what you'd call 'computer savvy', but I told him about it.


    You'd be surprised what a motivator this message board has been for those who aren't too computer savvy :D , myself included.

    Chester :newyear:


    We'd like to welcome you to the John Wayne Message Board, a great place to hang out and discuss the Duke, with a great bunch of like-minded folks.

    Hey, is your dad on the 'net?? Maybe he can join us too - that would be great!

    We loved your reference to WWJWD!

    We look forward to seeing you around here again, SOON and often.

    Chester :newyear: and the Mrs. :angel1:


    Originally posted by JOHNWAYNEABE@Oct 7 2004, 08:27 PM
    I am a fan due to the fact that there was nothing fake about him that person he portrayed on film was him in real life. He stood for everything good and honest. Not like all these actors these days they are all CRAP! Like John Wayne said don't go to the movies unless you believe in the hero! And there are no heros left just a bunch of over payed over sexed spoiled little clowns. John Wayne is my hero!! :cowboy:



    Welcome to the John Wayne Message Board, the best of its kind this side of dot com! Good to have you here!

    You're right, it doesn't seem there are any heroes any more - thank goodness we have the Duke!

    We hope you you'll stick around here, and join in some of the other discussions.

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