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    This video was found in a box in storage at Goulding's Lodge a few years back. It shows John Wayne and John Ford having lunch with the Navajo people in Monument Valley.

    It appears they are eating Mutton Stew with Frybread! Chester :newyear:


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    Just thought I'd bring this back, for some of our newer members who might not have seen some of these videos before.

    I made mention of this in a different thread, but want to expand on it a little here.


    Somehow, I missed Robbie's post the first time around, so I clicked on it, and there was a pretty funny clip, but when I came back and read the comments following his post, I realized something must be amiss. When I went back to the page again, there was this message across the top of the page -

    This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

    So what I watched was not Robbie's original link - looks like some trademark lawyer has been trying to discourage the use of John Wayne's image.

    I notice that the same message appears when you go to some of the links in my original post in this thread.

    I guess we better find out how to save the rest of them to our computers, and fast!:smile:

    This is sad, because the enthusiasm generated towards John Wayne and everything he stood for is also being discouraged, whether inadvertently or not. John Wayne is someone who generates a very patriotic, nationalistic feeling, which is not something liberals, in particular liberal lawyers, may appreciate. It would seem that these trademark lawyers are not really working in the best interest of their client, IMO. Every time they curtail any type of JW activity, they are curtailing fan enthusiasm, which of course could ultimately lead to a decline in potential sales. This is a big year, the 100th anniversary of JW's birthday, and finally Wayne Enterprises is on the bandwagon - new website, "new" belt buckle contract with Bohlin's (if you happen to have a spare $2500 lying around), all kinds of sanctioned special items (guns, bullets, knives, and who-knows-what-else). Much of this is going to be so high-priced that the average fan is going to be left in the dust, which could lead to further negated fan enthusiasm. Of course, those who love John Wayne now will still love him, but this could leave a bad taste in folks' mouths. The liberal lawyer would be doing his/her job, curtailing trademark violations, but at the same time, throwing a bucket of cold water on fan enthusiasm. Who is being hurt by these clips being on YouTube? It's not like anybody can watch these things on TV anymore anyway, no royalties are being lost. And if someone was able to come out with a DVD with all these neat clips, we'd probably all buy one - if anything, those clips would whet our appetite for such an item. How frustrating!

    Chester :newyear:


    Wow, thanks for that link! I've never been a big fan of the Oscars, so didn't watch that the first time around. It is really touching, especially when you realize that he died shortly after that.



    I just posted the video using Kevin's instructions above - coooooool!

    Chester :newyear:

    AMEN, brothers!

    We started watching these videos, and just had to share. We've listed the cream of the crop, so to speak. We did a "John Wayne" search on YouTube, and went out 13 pages to cull these out - some of the ones in the list were in poor taste, and others totally unrelated to our Duke. So grab a cup of coffee (or whatever) and sit and have a fun time -

    Dean Martin and John Wayne
    (this one is GREAT!)

    Dean Martin and John Wayne singing (this one is even better)

    John Wayne hates lung cancer

    America - Why I Love Her

    . . . and to end with a bit of humor . . .

    Chester :newyear: and the Mrs. :angel1: