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    I made this video a while back after I'd made it through the 1930s of Wayne's filmography:

    Many thanks for posting this interesting video,
    and I have taken the liberty of presenting it as a YouTube
    rather than just an URL

    However may I say the video,
    would be better entitled Yakima Canutt's moments,
    as indeed most of the footage is Yak
    stunting for Duke, switching to Duke in the close ups.

    The music does seem inappropriate but then
    it only saves itself by being a song mentioning John Wayne.

    However this is just my opinion


    Duke's resting place is marked, with a plaque
    There are various images readily available if you look on the net.

    Didn't want to have to do this, but
    this point obviously, needs to be cleared up,

    John Wayne- R.I.P.


    Posted Yesterday, 09:20 PM
    I believe the grave is unmarked although the alleged site of were his ashes are supposed to be has been identified by some fans

    Also please refer to,
    the Epilogue, in the book

    John Wayne: My Father by Aissa Wayne,

    where she actually, gave clues as to where Duke rested,
    at that time, it was unmarked.


    post Today, 07:11 PM

    There's a video showing John Wayne's grave. Is it genuine? I remember reading somewhere that the grave was left unmarked not to attract unwelcome visitors


    It was originally un-marked,
    but is now marked with a plaque.
    I have no wish to see this video,
    but you can bet it's genuine,
    There are many images available
    showing Duke's resting place.
    I for one, have never posted one,
    and have no desire to do so,
    unless, Duke Pilgrim, needs this confirmed!