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    Youtube are not allowed to simply remove clips because John Wayne is in them, this is in complete violation what Youtube is supposed to stand for and it could be result in legal action against 'Youtube' by Wayne Enterprise.

    It is rather pathetic that vile videos against John Wayne are allowed to remain but clips of John Wayne are not. Its time to take a stand with the IMDB being infected by trolls, spurious lies being printed on 'Wikimedia' and Dukes videos being removed by 'YouTube' how much more are we going to take?


    Hi Dukepilgrim

    Thanks for that comment, however it only succeeds if a group of people voice their objection, otherwise a lone voice will be insufficient and ultimately ineffective, thats why I have tried to encourage other members to report these vile videos, its very easy to do.


    Hi All

    I look a cift through youtube and was disappointed at how little there was in it relating to John Wayne.

    I was however quite disturbed at some of the disgusting videos sent in that were anti John Wayne. I took 5 minutes to register and report about them and hopefully they will be removed, I hope others on this board will do likewise. I am all for freedom of speech and expression but I feel that it comes with responsibility.