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    Just today: The Spanish Main w/ Maureen O'Hara, Paul Henreid, Walter Slezak, MIKE MAZURKI and Barton Maclane.

    It was a pretty good movie and if you like Pirates vs the Spaniards type movies--this one is for you. Maureen O'Hara stole the show IMO.

    Binnie Barnes

    Also w/ Jack LaRue:

    Hi Bill, Amen to that ;-)) I have always thought a great deal about her and she was one I had a crush on when I was younger-same goes for Olivia de Havilland, Mae West and a few others ;-))

    Cheers Keith for placing my post about it in this thread. I had not known there was a thread about this movie? and didnt have time to do any searching for it thanks to being forced to use the 15 minute timed computes at the library.

    I saw her last night in a Pirate movie called: The Spanish Main?

    Anyway, I cought most of it and it was a greatly enjoyable movie much unlike the one that followed as it was also a stinkin musical.