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    Hi Keith,
    I understand that you can't do all at once. I only wanted to give you a hand on this. And I can tell you that you are doing a great job here.

    This topic inspired me to watch Against all Flags today and I find it absolutly enjoying. And it was certain charm between Maureen and Errol. It's a pity that they appered together only once.

    It is interesting, is Maureen writes something in her book about making the film?

    It is not my photos. One Errol Flynn fan share them with me a while ago. And I think that I can share them too.

    Thank you for advice - I shall put them in the Gallery.
    The movie is very coloroful indeed.

    Vera :rolleyes:

    Hi Keith,
    Thank you for that very interesting information.
    This movie is not amoung my favorites Errol Flynn movies such as Captain Blood or Sea Hawk or even Adventures of Don Juan (the last is closer by time). For me it is not "must see", but "interesting to see".

    But I saw it more then a year ago, so I shall try to watch it again and try to refresh my impressions.

    I always thought that it is quite obvios that in this movie Flynn was a little (or even not so little) become bored with acting. I don't rememer quite, but he broke his leg or something like that during shooting?

    But as for Maureen - she is sparkling in this movie. Very living with hot temper.

    Senta :rolleyes: