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    Alright, let me tell you that the day before I was born, Gary Cooper died. I can honestly say that I missed Coop just by one day. Not sure when he passed, but I came around somewhere around 4 pm in the Central Time Zone. So this could be missing him just hours.

    Postage stamps were 3 cents, a quart of milk was 24 cents, and a gallon of gas was depending on you area an average of 27 cents a gallon. Of cours if you lived in Texas (king of the oil in those days), it was 18 cents a gallon. The number one song the week of my birth according to Billboard Magazine was Runaway by Del Shannon. I was born on Mother's day and yes officially the first Mother's day gift to my mother. Not bad. No, I don't remember any of these things. Just fun to see what things were like back then.

    Cheers :cool: Hondo

    Not that I am counting here Keith, but it looks like the 60's are dominating and '61 is in the lead with 6.

    But wait a minute! :repost: 1940 has 6 as well! Boy, you old ones sure are giving us baby boomers a run for the money. :wink_smile:

    This is a fun one, Keith. Looks great to have so many here to celebrate Duke.

    Cheers :cool: Hondo Duke Lane, '61