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    As an extremely heavy user of adult beverages for about 40 years (but no longer because of medications I take), just wanted you guys to know that the stuff rots your brain. :confused_smile::confused::biggrin::uhoh::wink::dead::whatchutalkingabout:blink::wacko::laugh:

    It is great to see all ages loving John Wayne !

    They do, believe me they do.

    I've stood in line at theaters to see Wayne movies a number of times. Those lines contained everything from gray-headed old geezers through long-haired hippie types to young kids, all patiently waiting to see their favorite movie star. Warmed the cockles of my heart. :teeth_smile:

    Germany is a country that I would love to visit in the future along with the USA, its seems so modern a progressive while having a lot of history surrounding it as well.

    I remember at school I did a German course for a semester and if I remember correctly when its 1pm its reads as 12pm and when its 2pm its read as 1pm etc etc, do I remember correctly or not, it has been a long time.


    If you go, Rob, confine your travels to the southern portion of the country as its the most scenically beautiful by far, especially southern Bavaria (anything south of Munich). Munich itself is one of my favorite world cities (or at least it was when we last visited 30 years ago). The folks in Munich seem more "laid back" than the Germans further north. I really liked the area down around Berchesgaden (sp), where Hitler had his "Eagle's Nest".

    I'm not sure what you're saying with the time - other than Germany being in a different time zone than the UK (an hour later), they tell time just like everyone else. So when it would be, say, 1300 in London, it would be 1400 in Frankfurt. There are 7 hours difference between Texas, where I live, and Dortmund, where my brother-in-law lives.

    Hallo, my english is not so good sorry. I was born in germany. I`m a John Wayne fan.

    Your English is much better than my German. In fact, since your first post, your English language skills have increased greatly.

    Wo wohnen sie in Deutschland?

    Meine Frau ist von Berlin.

    Guten Tag,
    ich wurde im schönen Deutschland geboren.
    Am 18.12.1962 in Mönchengladbach(NRW)
    MfG cobra

    Our new freund von Deutschland apparently speaks/reads English better than he/she writes it. Birthdate was December 18, 1962 in Monchengladbach.

    I took a college course in German while stationed there in the early Seventies and just barely passed. It's a hard language to learn.

    What threw me more than anything else were the genders der, die, das, which correspond to the English he, she and it. To an English speaker like me, there seemed to be no rhyme or reason for designating an object by gender.

    When I'd had a few German beers (much stronger than American brew), I could rattle it off pretty well. Which is why every time my (German-born) wife and I went to see her folks, my mother-in-law always offered me a beer first thing. :beer: