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    Whatza "brain"? Don't think I ever seen one except out of a cow or on my plate with scrambled eggs! Haven't ever used one cause I heard they were dangerous! But a I hear the term "half a brain" used a lot but haven't figured that out either! If someone has a spare good one, send it and I'll try it out! Oh yea, please send instructions for installation and usage!:stunned::shades_smile:

    Chester, I guess I was letting my age show in the above post! It should have said: "About a year before her death...."! They went to Las Vegas to watch me race on Thanksgiving day, 2006 and she passed away in January, 2008. Sorry, I can see how it might have confused folks!:wink_smile:

    No. 6? That's the highest I have rated in years in anything! And I didn't have to react to a starting line christmas tree or play head games with anyone to attain that position like I do when I race! It is indeed a privelage and an honor to be among folks who are great fans of the "Duke" and the "Old West" of which I have been a part of for the greater part of my life. And its all because of my friendship with what is apparently a long lost son of the "Duke", Duane, who has helped me greatly with my racing since I retired and he retired in 2007. Both of us worked at the same company. I was controller and he was a fabricator and welder in our shop but we had racing ties and those lead us to real friendship. A year or so before his death and the day after he got out of the hosptial from having a hear attack, he and his wife drove to Las Vegas the day before Thanksgiving to be with me while I raced. That is real friendship!:thumbs_up::teeth_smile:

    I guess by now everyone knows I am another "old coot" born in 1941 in Douglas, AZ! Been a native here all but 10 years of my life when I worked for a national farm publication outa Frankfort, IL and as a cattle consultant outa Weatherford, OK. Retired from work and spend my non-sleeping time working on or racing my 130 mph 1971 Camaro appropriately named "Priceless One Again"! I crashed "Priceless One" in Tucson on April Fool's day, 2000. Been involved in this sport for 50 years this year! Kind of a wierd sport for an old ranch boy to be taking part in I suppose but when I saw a four legged horse, that was work. When I saw 400 horsepower, that was fun! And 700 horses is a real kick in the behind! Glad to be part of the "John Wayne" Clan!:wink_smile::shades_smile: