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    I guess i'm the loner on this one because I never really did care for watching horror movies. The only ones I can stand and actually like are the old ones with Lon Chaney Jr, Boris Karlof and Raymond Massey. AS a matter of fact, I just watched Lon Chaney in the Wolfman, this morning.

    Now, I have seen Alien--disliked it. Seen parts of the other Alien movies-disliked them as well.

    Seen all the Jaws movies.

    We stood in line-which went around the block, to see Jaws at the Texas Thater in Kingsville. Stood in line almost 8 hrs to do so. I was around 6 or so at the time and though I liked that movie, I had nightmares for months afterwards. I think I liked that movie more so because for years I had thought that Robert Shaw was actually Richard Dawson of Hogan's Heroes and Family Feud fame. Could not stand Jaws II, somewhat liked Jaws III but only because Louis Gosset Jr was in it.

    I don't know if this one can be classified as a horror movie or not but, I saw Michael Caine in The Island, and did like that movie. As well, I really liked The Fog, w/ Adrienne Barboux.

    I have seen few from any of the following franchises:

    Friday the 13th--seen only the first one from start to finish and thought it was a senseless slasher flick. Seen parts of a few others from this series and thought they were even worse.

    Seen only part of one of the Nightmare On Elm Street flicks and did not care for it.

    Have seen From Beyond, and thought it was fairly interesting.

    Never have seen (nor want to) any of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films nor any of the Saw films.

    Seen all makes of The Blob, and liked only the older ones.

    Seen and liked: Silver Bullet.

    Seen one of The Omen, disliked it. Have not seen any other makes.

    Seen one or two Halloween films and like dthe first one, disliked the 2nd.

    Liked Fright Night.

    Hated Dawn of the Dead. Will not watch any others of this type.

    Seen and liked: Orca.

    Seen the Slumber Party Massacre films--only watched them because of the scantily clad women in them.

    Have not and will not watch: Lake Placid.

    Saw a strange film called: Humongus (SP?) and thought it was stupid.

    Saw another strange one called: Squirm, and flatly disliked that one as well.

    Saw Boggy Creek a looooooooooong time ago--which I think was about the Boggy Creek Monster) but can't remember. Anyway, the only scene I remember about this movie is when some guy went to the restroom, had his pants down doing his business, and the monster had tried to attack him through a window. I was about 5 or so at that time, and was scared outta my wits.

    Saw Motel Hell, and disliked it. Only watched it because Rory Calhoun was in it.

    Don't know if this one can be considered a horro movie or not buy, I watched and liked: The Awakening w/ Charlton Heston.

    Disliked The Birds.

    Hated Christine.

    Thought Killdozer was stupid.

    Saw SS Doomstrooper, and thought it could have been better.

    Saw and hated: Mansquito.

    Did not like any of: The Fly.

    Saw and disliked: C.H.U.D, but did like the sequal to it.

    Saw and liked: Ssssssssss

    Saw and disliked: Darkman.

    Did not like: My Bloody Valentine.

    Seen soem others I can't think of their names at the moment and probably disliked them as well.

    Give me the older movies anytime.

    Sory to be so negative in my opinion of horror flicks. I just prefer War, Western, Crime and Comedy movies. :)