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    We were there in Ireland in 2007. We enjoyed the trip very much.
    I am supposed to be a little bit Irish,but when I visited there, I was
    100% Irish.
    When someone posted video of Cong, the Quiet Man being made,on this site months ago
    with the Quiet man music playing in the background, I wanted to return
    so bad.
    My wife has physical problems and we haven't been able to go. When
    she gets healed we will try to return and visit the Quiet Man places,
    like we did before.
    You guys are fortunate to live so close, go and tell us here,what you saw.Post a few pictures.
    I just thank God that John Ford made that beautiful movie the Quiet Man.
    I love the Irish customs in it and all the native habits and talk. It was
    very enjoyable.
    Understand I wouldn't want to live these custom's, but it was beautiful to watch.

    Also west of Shannon, I believe at Foynes, there is a small Seaplane Museum. We visited it and enjoyed it.
    Charles Blair, Maureen's pilot husband, left there on a flight and set a seaplane flying record.
    God continue to bless Maureen and give her good health.
    I saw "Spencer's Mountain" recently, and Maureen was at her most beautiful there. It was done in 1964, so she was 44.

    I am watching Romy's fine movie and just watched past the Cong part. Minutes 6:45 to approx. 9:00
    Excellent, beautiful, thank you. I liked how you put in a little movie and them showed the same scene today.

    Ethanedwards- thank you for the videos they are beautiful with pleasant memories and
    the Music enhances the mood. Where can I get a copy of that music?
    I have a desire to go back to Ireland sometime and go to Cong.

    Ringo Kid- Waterford,Ireland
    I was in Ireland in June -2007. Went to Cong and looked for "Quiet Man" places. Had a wonderful time, the Irish are very nice people and Duke made one of his best movies