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    You guys our spoilt, you should see the standard of politicians we have here in Northern Ireland, i'd love to feel apart of a power country like the US

    We were spoiled, but we are approaching some crossroads that is in my opinion compromising our freedom and the way we choose our leaders. The leaders we have today are not representing the people of this country. That is why I do not trust anyone in Washington. You can blame it on money, corruption, or scandal, but it is us that are not taking the time to see to our country's needs. And it is slipping away from us.

    We are losing our power like you've never seen before. For example we are forced to take an insurance that will not help anyone but the politicians. And they will determine who gets what and dare I say, who lives or dies. This is not their job. This is suppose to be our responsibility. How dare they do this. Oh, we let them do it. There are other issues we are starting to compromise other principles too. Let's start with transportation, education, housing, wealth, food, and many more things. This will truly be a country divided with liberals and the rest of us. The liberals will rule us with no rules or laws and we will be their subjects.

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    This will be the most interesting time in our history for the next year, and we as Americans have to make some very hard decisions that will affect the future of this country. If we don't take control of our country (the United States), we will loose what we know as our freedom forever. The Immigration bill, the gun battle, are just examples of smoke and mirrors on this country right now. We are seeing every bit of our lives challenged and we must take total control.

    By the way, I don't trust anyone in Washington.

    This is about responsible leadership and tolerance to make this a great country. There was a time when us locals took care of our own. Now we want the government to it. And the way they do it is not acceptable to us. We use to depend on our churches to feed the needy. Now, the churches are too busy trying to entertain the congregation. The churches in all denominations are telling us to let the government take care of the poor. We've lost our edge. We are too busy with our gadgets to help our neighbors. Is this what we've become?

    In a years time we are going to have to make some hard decisions. What will we do?

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    It's amazing that in two great countries like the USA and UK we constantly have to resort to voting for the lesser of 2 evils.

    I totally agree with you Robbie. I blame the media for most of this mess, and who wants to go through the ringer from them. The great ones stay away, and it has created major problems. If we don't get better control of the media, they will rule the world. I don't have a problem with Freedom of the Press, but they must show some responsibility too.

    They don't! And until something is done, they will continue to shape the world the way they want to shape it, and I fear dome in ways that you can't imagine.

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    Who is your favorite canidate for POTUS? Not many good choices from what I see. But we have to find one soon. Our country is in trouble and these idiots in Washington are close to destroying it. Looks like the world, too!

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    No Respect for those who mean a lot to the industry. This is an old story, but somehow want to demonize a legend. I happen to like Mr. Borgnine, and respect his acting. He happen to be good friends with Duke and I know he speaks for him when he made the comment. I am surprise that the LA Times didn't rip Duke for that movie and he's been dead for 30 years.

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    There has to be a change or disaster will be permanent. November elections are that important! If you like what you've seen the past 18-19 months don't vote. If you want our country back, the one that your fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers, and so on enjoyed in their lives, then go out, know who you want that wants that, and vote for them on November 2, 2010. Your life may depend on it.

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    Man Carl, you need to calm down and take another source of transportation. You're going to have a heart attack and it's not worth it. They are entitled to their opinion. You may have to get a t-shirt that reads, "I am an American and Damn Proud of it, You Idiots!" And on the back, "GROW UP!"

    And make sure that you have an American flag in the background one the front of the shirt.

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    Just think about it. The government's goals are to have one level income (kinda like an allowance), what we can have and a complete take over of decisions, which is defined as taking our freedom. Why? Well, I have my opinion, but I think it's more complexed than that. So what do we do? We get them out as fast as possible and I'm talking about this November. We need to find those who believe what we believe, and vote for them.

    Then work especially hard to find a president who will do the right things and get this country going in the right direction in 2012. It's a long process, but if we don't take this seriously, then we will surely die.

    The media has to be dealt with too. They have made a mockery of the whole situation, and they need to be stopped now. Boycott their news slot. Be sure to not buy from their sponsors, and protest their reporting.

    As for our friends across the world who view us as evil because we don't want to part with our money to help the poor. That's hog wash! We care for our underprivileged than anyone in the world. As a matter of fact we as conservatives have been demoralized as the evil ones, but we are doing all the work, while those they support do absolutely nothing.

    During President Bush's term, more money than ever have been given to third world countries for aids research, while our current president has been giving money to his supporters. Practically no money for aids research. But you won't hear that from your media or ours either. No, NO, NO!

    We help underprivileged children as well as those who are sick all the time. But we have the worst health care in the world. Funny how foreigners come to this country for health care, and not in their own country. But that will stop pretty soon. Because we are about to bring that down to nothing. Oh, I forgot we are about to see an exodus of doctors leaving the field in the next year. They are giving up their practice because they will not be able to afford to stay in business.

    President Obama selected a surgeon general that believes that doctors should live in poverty, not marry, and not make a living. She reported that her goal is to make doctors practice without any support. That's our America. I proud of it. How about you?

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    You may be right, Todd.

    I can't understand why the American people don't see that it's not about the health care issue, it's about taking away our freedom. The government is demanding that everyone have health care which means paying for it or be fined. FINED! That doesn't sound like a choice, it sounds like communism to me. And that may mean going to jail if you don't pay for health care. The bill hasn't been defined but I heard they are taking at first 25% of your pay for this "privilege" of having health care. That's doesn't include federal income tax, state income tax, sales tax, property tax, or any other tax you can think of.

    Oh, by the way, Obama is having the Senate and House to bring up Cap and Trade Bill on Wednesday and voted on by this weekend. Do you know what that means? Additional taxes on your energy like electricity, water, gas, gasoline, telephone (including cell phone), and entertainment. This bill is suppose to increase your bills 75% for this year and double next year. Obama says we need to live like a third world country. That is his definition of sharing the wealth! You asked for change, you got it. Hope you like it!

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    Well, I cant believe the idiots did it?

    What do you mean by that? I knew the idiots would do it, I was hoping they would continue to screw up like they have been doing for the last 50 or 60 years. They finally passed a bill that has not been written yet, and they plan on rewriting it to their benefit. Don't worry, this will have an effect on all of us and it won't be good. The liberals are the winners. And they will continue to take until there is nothing to take then it will all be over except for the fat lady singing (you figure that one out).

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    We here in the US do not deny health care to anyone. The problem is the cost. We are going bankrupt everywhere. There is a solution, but as long as we have fibrous law suites on doctors who the government thinks they should be perfect, work for nothing, and not have a life, we will never have the quality health care for all that we can have.

    This is of course a very complex situation and don't have too many solutions to solve this. As the saying goes this big monster is out of control, but the government is not the solution because they basically are not a health care industry, like they are not housing, retirement, elderly care, transportation, space, banking, automotive, or corporate industry. But they think they are and they are destroying it. It seems to me that they want to destroy it, so they can control our lives.

    If what you have works where you, maybe you should pass it along to us. As long as the government has their hands in this we are sure to see our health care go downhill fast. They are a government industry and should be just that. Your media, like ours are the problem by misreporting the truth. What is the truth? No one really knows because of the distortion of the truth, but again that is what the government wants.

    But again to answer your question, we do not deny health care to anyone, especially the children. It is the illegal aliens who are hurting our system by flooding the hospitals especially the ones by the southern border. It is critical right now and something has to give. And our southern neighbor is doing absolutely nothing to help us out. They can't and won't.

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    Looks like we are about to see the vote on Health Care Bill from the Feds. All we have left folks is prayers. So say them and pray for this country. It may change forever and in my opinion not for the better.

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    I see alot of dems being voted out later this year-and good riddence.

    That may be true, but they can still ruin this country before they get voted out. They still have 10 months left. This is about as bad as it gets as far back as the attack on Pearle Harbor in 1941. Contact you Rep!

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    The vote is coming up next week. The Democrats are determined to pass this bill no matter what. They are banking their whole career on this, and you need to contact your representative and tell them to vote no on this, especially if your rep is a Democrat. This could forever change our country and I think it will not be for the better. So contact you rep and voice them your opinion.

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    Good article, Jim! It must be catching. We must make sure that the left stays in check. I knew they would implode. They spend all their time arguing who's the real leader and can't agree on anything. It shows with Pelosi, Reed, and Obama. All we need is Kennedy and Clinton, and you'd have a full team of idiots. Alright, that was unnecessary talking about Ted, even after his passing, but you'd have to know he's turning in his grave knowing that his seat belongs to the people of Massachusetts, and not him.

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    Well, that was an eye-opener! I'll have to get my "Good Book" out and read this a little closer for reference myself. I do appreciate your take on this. Thanks for the information.

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