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    Yea, I heard about this today. I hope the anger will take place at the polls in November. We need a change, a change that puts us first and the politians last. Let's hope for that!

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    I found this and it may be repeated somewhere on this message board. I think it fits into the politics section. Somewhere we need to get a hold of this now, before it really gets out of hand.

    There was a problem back in 1960, and things are getting worse today. It's time to take back our country and make sure the politicians know it. Did you know that every senator and house of representatives are millionaires except for one person. And they will never have to pay another penny for health insurance for them and their family?

    That is a problem to me. We are talking about billions of dollars for these people to have something that they can afford and we pay for it anyway. I have a big big problem with that. Anyway, here is the clip for you.



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    Wonder if you heard of this man. Looks like he may be running for the presidency in 2012. Looks impressive to me. What do you think?

    Might be some hope for major sweeps in the next couple of years.

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    Jim, How is this proposed amendment ralley coming? I sent this to some of my reps and they really liked it. I told them a friend (I do consider you my friend) from Texas presented this to a group of concerned citizens and they were very interested in the details of this amendment. I happen to know one of my senators personally through a church connection and a friend of mine who went to college with him.

    I was wondering if you had any repsonse from anyone on this.

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    Harry Reid needs to resign now.

    I actually want him to run and get destroyed in the election. His state needs the opportunity to deal with this character. He might have a heck of a problem when he gets home with some ethical issues. Let them have their fun.

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    Wow Mike, I hate it just as much as you but you said a mouthful. I will just say in the short sentence that it's just a power grab by the left and a way to keep the people bowing to the government. I hope 1 day people will wake up, but it sure doesn't look like they will anytime soon.

    Todd, they will soon enough when they are taxed over half their wages. Liberals defination of the wealthy is anyone who makes anything. Jimmy Carter taced people to death, so did Bill Clinton. Why wouldn't Barrack Obama do it, he's a left wing liberal, and believes in taxing everybody. I will conseed that democrates do believe in equal share of dispear. They don't leave anyone out but themselves.

    When I was a teenager in the 70's I worked summer jobs and paid over 30% federal taxes. I didn't even make over $2000 in the summer, but they taxed me over $600 dollars. That is ridiculas!

    When they talk about the rich, that is the United States period! The people will find out soon enough. I just wonder if we will be able to reverse the damage when the right people take office. Of course, I wonder who the right people are?

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    I am considering your perspectives regarding current legislation. My question was too vague , could you share some thoughts on what you think would lead to a better Health Care System in the United States.

    Murray, Jim said it pretty good with the exception that the government must get out of health care completely and deregulate it for the markets to take it. Open it up and let the competition come in. Stop sueing doctors for everything under the sun. They are human not God. They do their best. I'm not talking about letting doctors get away with everything, just let them do their practice without fear all the time. We have lost too many great doctors becuase of malpractice suites.

    It will first of all get rid of the fly by night insurance companies that have been established by the stupidity of the government. Give legimate health care agencies the power to promote the best health care ever at the cheapest price. Then you will see prices go down. You will see more quality doctors wanting to be a part of this great system because they want to help people, and find cures. You will see everybody with heatlh insurance. And the market will all make money.

    The liberals are against people or industries making a profit. They want dispear. It empowers them, which maybe someone can explain to me why they love that so much. It doesn't make any sense to me.

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    This is not about health care. The liberals aren't interested in health care. Their only interest is one thing and one thing only. Getting more of our money to use for whatever they want. Let me explain; Social Secrurity was put in a fund that only represented SS, and in the 60'sor 70's Congress had that money moved to the general fund. Today for their actions, SS is now bankrupted. That also goes for Medicare. This health care bill when passed will be immediately taken from us in taxes, put in the general fund and not used until 2016.

    In the mean time Congress will see all that money come in and see to that they spend it anyway they can for their personal use or their friends. By 2016, they will annnounce that they are broke and they will not be able to provide the care that they thought they could provide and must raise more taxes for that reason. Then they will still not provide the health needed for anyone, so they will raise taxes again and again until they have all the money from the people, then the axe falls.

    They will report that we have too many people here to take care of and we must elimate people up to the age of 65, then 50, then 35, then 30.

    We now have an adjusted society with no cares in the the world, but the problem arise to what to do with those over 30 years old. Here's an idea, let's promote a system where we announce that those over 30 will go to a special place that will transform them to a life where things get better for them, like a transition stage to go to become a god. Now we can fool these stupid people to believing in anything.

    We can contol reproduction, and put those who come into the world in test tubes, so the women don't have to be bothered with the mudane rituals of child birth, and the fathers don't have to show any repsonsibility toward their actions (we've already showed that with some of the men today). We can label them with numbers and chips inserted in their bodies to track them, and count their days until the transfomation.

    Sounds like a great society to live in, doesn't it. That is the plan of the liberals.

    You see this goes back 50 years from their beliefs. It's all about sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. They need to get rid of their opponents, so they can get to that point. If you like what you read, then you support this health bill that's not a health bill. You'll see.

    I'm fighting.

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    How many of you have been attending the tea parties around the country and are any one going to attend the big party in DC next Saturday (September 12)?

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    I'm really surprised the percentage is not higher than this.

    I'm really not Jim. Think about it. We put in a new congress, and what do we get. The same mess, maybe worse. I'm not against getting rid of those clowns, but I am not so optimistic for those who will replace the current clowns. Now if you ran and more people like you, I'd know we are going in the right direction. But we have the same idiots running in both parties. We need change, but it's not the change we are enduring right now.

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    All I can say about some of our departed people over the past few months, God will take the appropriate action and I get the satisfaction that justice will truly be served. There is no amount of money or resources that will save them, if they have something to hide. I personally am tired of MJ and TK. We should have heard more from Farrah. She would have made us sick to death of her if it wasn't for Michael.

    Let's deal with the living. We have enough to issues on those who are trying to change our lives.

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    There are two names that I consider very dangerous. They are the Secretary of Treasure Timothy F. Geithner, and Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.

    They take orders from our president but they do have an agenda that would shape this country like it's never seen before.

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    . . . . . . . You've probably seen the well distributed list of Conservative actors in Hollywood. And, as you know, there are many more who feel it necessary to hide their conservative views to protect their work status. Hopefully more of them will emerge as leaders.


    I am afraid that I haven't seen that list. Though I could probably list some of them, you may know more. What is that list and how can we promote them better.

    I love movies and most of the actors. I wish them success in their careers, but when it comes to spokespersons for political candidates and causes, they need to keep their mouths shut.

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    I did say that the fight is just beginning, but I didn't say it was going to done over night. Liberalism can be defeated, it may take a lot of time. I also know it won't be easy, but if we all lay down and let liberalism take over, then the world as we know it will cease to exist.

    I do respect Dick Morris and Patrick Buchanan. They are tops in their areas, but I also don't always agree with what they say. I don't really want to go into that, but I don't fully agree with what they wrote in the articles that you pointed out in your post.

    The funny thing about liberalism, they aren't concern about anyone but themselves, and it will catch up with them. Did you notice that Pelosi and Reed are totally jealous over O'bama. I don't think if you really think about it, believe that the Democrats will stay in power that long. The problem is who will. I don't have any belief in the Republicans, though the two Senators in my state are pretty good, but not to lead this country. So where do we go.

    Did you know the reason why Conservatives don't run for public office? I was told the reason and it does make sense. They really cherish their privacy, and don't want to be in the limelight. I feel the same way. We are fortunate to have a true conservative in Ronald Reagan that took on that role, and I think he would had prefer his privacy as well (though he expressed his desire to run again if he could but due to the 22nd Amendment he could not run again). So finding a good one could be very difficult.

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    This is very difficult to read and fully understand. I have read geneology from my cousin who is into this, and my dad's side of the family is very interesting as well. That side has a mystery to it that afftects me. But I don't exactly see this. Could you somehow break this down a little?

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    The scariest part about the whole situation is that their is nothing to stop Obama, the Congress is just as screwed up as he is. They'll go along with anything he wants I believe because he is their dream come true. And its even scarier to think that the 51 percent that voted for him were mostly young votes, the future of the country. I am still quite young and I am more scared of what lies ahead in the distant future more so than the near future. I could say more but I probably just get bomb threats or something.


    Young voters traditionally always vote Democrat. When I voted my first election in 1980, I voted for Reagan (Republican), though if I had been able to vote in 1976, I would have voted for Carter (Democrat). Carter made a very serious mistake while President (I know Stumpy, he made a lot of serious mistakes). He threatened to reinstate the draft because of the concerns with Iran. Most of us were not interested in this draft (we just got over the Vietnam war) and he was going to include women in this.

    So while Carter refused to debate Reagan for the Presidential election, he basically lost almost all the young voters at the time. I really didn't know who I wanted as president at the time. Carter created so many problems and I really didn't like Reagan at the time. Mainly because of my parents. So, when I pulled the lever (I think that is the only time I pull it) and , I voted for Ronald Reagan. I have never regretted my decision.

    Getting back to reason for responding to your post, young people grow up (not all), and they realize what they want by the time they get around 28 to 30 years old. Not all but over 50% change their opinion. Why? Well one reason is they become tax payers and see the wasteful spending the Democrats do, and start seeing themselves as Republicans or even conservatives.

    Over the past 8 years, the Republicans looked more like Democrats with the spending spree, so it is very difficult who we want in our government, and yes it is our government. The conservatives have been left high and dry. This is one of many reasons why people like Stumpy has declared their independence from this country. I really don't blame them, but I willing to fight these idiots, which may be a losing cause, but I believe that we will overcome. I come from the South, and seen a lot of fights from men like Martin Luther King. No, I am not promoting anything, I'm just talking about fighting for a cause worth fighting for.

    There is one thing I do know. I know that 87% of Americans do not want to abandon the U.S. Constitution. The majority of House and Senate also has no interest in doing away with the Constitution according to a poll that was done prior to the election back in November. I don't have the site that did that poll, but I do remember it very well. Why do I say this? Because in two years we will elect 33 Senators, and all the House, and maybe we can get some of the control back. A majority of the states will have the Governor's and state officials election.

    So, don't give up. The fight is just beginning, and we can defeat liberalism.

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    I did not vote for O'bama, but this is significant for the world to see. For the first time a white man will not be the president of the United States of America. This is history being made. I embrace the diversity we bring to our leadership. I don't agree with Barack O'bama's politics and I hope he fails with the policies he promises us, because I don't agree with them, but I do hope for him the best. God Bless America!

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    You've said it brother.

    Did you know that O'bama said that he is taking from the rich and giving to the poor? I am poor and if the only requirement is not having a job, I'll be gladly happy to give it up to someone , so they can work and give me their money. I think I'm on to something. From what I can see in this so called plan that is called giving everyone the same amount of money to live on no matter what you do. We are all at the same income level.

    I wonder why the politicians and celebrities are so eager to make this plan happen. Do they know that they are going to have to give up their fortunes to give to the poor?

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