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    I'm actually in favor of impeachment of all officials in Washington. But we need to make sure that the other corruption doesn't take over. We have a lot of work, but the first rule of business is to prosecute the media and put them in prison. Some may need execution, but they will be judged by a jury of their peers.

    They created most of the problems due to their socialist behavior and the liberals have followed suit. If they want their country then they need to go and get it. And leave us alone.

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    I'm not sure what's going on either, and you may be right to let them run things, but I'm afraid that things will get wrose, and we won't ever recover. And if you are not thinking of yourself, think what this could do to your children.

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    Just to clarify an issue to the gas tax. According to what I heard eariler, I must say that I heard an increase of 10 cents a gallon. This is a story to back up what I heard.

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    You know Chester, :thumbs_up:if congress does not give the:punk: bail out to him,:gossip: they need to shut down. :smoke:This is an improtant issue. (bump)Thanks for the post. (xmastree)This is great!(newyr)

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    At least Bush had a sense of humor. He said that it must be great to be free to do this. That is what freedom is about. Expressing your feelings. (very much paraphrased).

    I think this guy is an Obama supporter.

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    Just to update you on this ridiculous law. The people spoke and I mean spoke to their reps up to November 28 (the day after Thanksgiving). This bill will not go to the floor. It died a quick death.

    I knew about this and thought that this will do away with the livestock industry all together. But as I said before, the people spoke. Being from Alabama, I saw Sparks and he was definately against this. He plans to run for Governor in 2010.

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    There was an offer just before the election of the Obama coin and the McCain coin. You could purchase one of them or both. I threw the ad away. I didn't want either one. I guess someone is interested in things like that.

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    It's amazing how things are perceived bleaker than they are. I know this for a fact, if "We the People" let this happen it will happen. I believe that better days are coming, maybe not next year or the year after, but it will come. This is a wake up call. And I think that the government has taken too many things for granted for a long time now, including the Republicans. It's about time to get off our butts and make the changes ourselves.

    You've got to be kidding if you think John McCain was going to make things happen. He had no plan, no idea how to move this country forward, and most of all nobody to back him up. The only thing that was good was Sarah Palin. They crucified her and it seems that it was also coming from the McCain campaign, too. I don't know if she's the one, but she does have that Reganess that we yearn for.

    This too will pass, we survived Jimmy Carter, didn't we? In my memory as a youth, the Republicans messed things up then, with the Richard Nixon mess, and not too much inspiration from Gerald Ford. It was a hard four years, and Ronald Regan had a lot to fix, but he did so with the idiots in Washington. This will have to be the same, so you may be making those sacrifices as Obama says, but not the way he makes it sound. Hang in there, gang. This too will pass.

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    Jim, That sticks me in the wrong place too. I do have a solution about the entertainers and athletics, if it matters. Stop supporting them by watching or purchasing their endorsements. I don't go to games because it is way too expensive, and I really don't watch. I do go to the movies, and purchase the movies personally, but I can cut it out.

    It has in recent years shown in the profits of the businesses, but we can do more. The owners are the ones who make the millions and billions. As for the CEO's who are making a killing and killing those who work hard. That is a little difficult to deal with, but it can be done by the same token. We are so into gadgets and entertainment that we loose perspective in our priorities that things right now is wacky.

    We need to get things in the right perspective and distribute wealth in the right places to the farmers, teachers, police, firefighters, doctors, nurses and get it away from the ones who don't appreciate it like the actors and athletics and the CEO's.

    Whatcha think?

    Here is some insight on the state of American education today and why those idiots in that video appeared so clueless.

    Jim , this seems so unreal. How can this be happening? Are we allowing this? We should be shot for not shooting them. I just can't believe this is happening. I guess that's why there are so many home schools going on, but apparently not enough.

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    I can't believe some of the answers given. I consider myself fairly intelligent but not extremely so. Some of the answers make me wonder about the education our children are getting or if some of them even want to learn. That film really demorilized me:ohwell::cry2:

    Jay, it might also be that they are doing this to get on TV.

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    I see this everyday myself. And I am not surprise either. If the truth is really known, I think most Americans don't really care. They are interested in other things and let the politians do what they do. Our elections are really down........especially when Clinton ran. Less than 50% of the voters came to vote on both of his elections. They have been up since, but really down in my opinion.

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    Why do you think the labor unions always support the "Dummicrates?" Here in Alabama mainly in the greater Montgomery area where the Hyundai car plant is, the labor unions have been trying to get their claws on the employees there. They (the employees) keep voting it down. By my count it has been voted on 6 times. My sister in law tells me how they are approaching them, and intimidating them, but they are holding strong. They have pretty good benefits, but the unions are promising them anything to get their vote. Isn't our unions great?

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    This is something that will upset most of you about Obama, and it will not get any coverage on TV. This is quiet lengthy.

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    Don't believe what you hear. There are things going on right now, but the president is very cautious. There are talks going on, and there is talk the North Koreans cooperating, but this has happened before, and I do know the president is aware of the past. There is little that is going on from our end, so it is still up to North Korea, but they are not getting off the hook that easy, or I hope so.

    . . . . . and I hope you are wrong my friend.

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    We live in a much different world today. I will predict that if Obama is elected president, Europe will be attacked and they will blame America for it. Why, becasue the ememy knows that Obama is weak and will do nothing but retreat. We will see gas prices increase and may double within a year of his presidency. Our embassies will be attack all over and I think that our country will be attacked within four years.

    How do I know? Obama is against war, and will sacrifice everyone so we won't offend his base.

    McCain will defend this country and our allies. You may not like the choices we have in this years election, but if Obama is chosen because you don't like and vote for McCain, then you will know in a hurry the consequences of not choosing McCain. I wish we had better choices, but we don't.

    Just a thought and I am not aiming at anyone, just making a general comment.

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    I made my corrections, but what's worse, having Mondale for two more years or Bill.

    Hillary would be too old by 2016. I think she would be older than McCain running now when she runs in 2016.

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    I have heard that Obama is heading to Iraq on some sort of fact raising tour or whatever, and all the anchors are going to be there to cover this man. It is suppose to take place in early August (to take away the president's visit to the Olympics). You would think that he was already president according to the news media. I can just say that I thank God that these idiots don't make the decisions on who is the president. We might have seen some really bad ones.

    They have been telling us that democrats are going to be the presidents since I was born. Can you imagine having Jimmy Carter for four more years, and then Walter Mondale for eight? Then we would have Bill Clinton to follow which I think would have made things worse with Al Gore leading up these two terms. That would be the darkest days of 32 years in my life, and that is if I would have lived that long.

    Let's see, I think After Johnson in 1968, we would have Hubert Humphrey. What a sad lot!

    I guess with the media's wisdom, we can add Barrack Obama to this great list. I know that I missed John Kerry, but he would never run against Gore. And that would also include Mike Dukakis against Mondale.

    Just to see the numbers (dates), here it is:
    John Kennedy 1960-1963
    Lyndon Johnson 1963-1968
    Hubert Humphrey 1968-1976
    Jimmy Carter 1976-1984
    Walter Mondale 1984-1992
    Bill Clinton 1992-2000
    Al Gore 2000-2008
    Barrack Obama 2008-2016
    Chelsea Clinton 2016-2024?
    Does that scar the hell out of you? It does me!

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