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    Our economic downturn started near the end of Bush's watch and has only gotten worse since the Democrats assumed power. With their tax-and-spend policies, things will undoubtedly get worse yet.

    The seeds for this economic crash were planted during Clinton's term, when stringent oversight of certain lending practices, especially mortgage lending, was relaxed at the urging of various interests. In other words, a lot of people began buying houses and otherwise living way beyond their means.


    As opposed to the republicans' "tax cut and spend" tactics, right?


    It's a public relations coup that the republicans advertise themselves as the party for the common man, yet at every turn, without fail, they defend and prop up multinational corporations and stick it to the middle class. "Don't punish success!" the conservatives scream. Yet the only success they don't punish with their tax cuts is the top one percent of all Americans. The republicans have let the middle class dangle while their fatcat contributors prosper, though the banks still managed to collapse when left on their own. But God forbid should there be any regulation!

    Also, isn't it ironic as Hell that those same capitalist corporations must depend on socialism in order to get out from under? And guess who ends up footing that bill?

    You guessed it--the middle class! The politicians must serve their corporate masters or else the funding stops.

    And for a group of people who wrap themselves in the flag and the Bible, conservatives certainly don't heed this Biblical passage:

    "For it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

    Luke 18:25

    Of course, this country has always served Mammon over God despite its reputed religiosity.

    It's sickening. But that's America, isn't it?

    It's amazing to me how the Kennedy administration was able to avoid a war with a country ninety miles away from the US, with actual, proven visual evidence of weapons of mass destruction, while the Bush administration failed to avoid a war with a country on the other side of the world, with what turned out to be zero weapons of mass destruction.

    Shows what a real leader like JFK could do, even with someone like McNamara in his cabinet.

    The stupidity of Bush and his chickenhawk minions will go down as the very worst in presidential leadership.

    And note to Donald Rumsfeld: When you shuffle off your mortal coil, you'll be remembered--and reviled--just like Robert S. McNamara.

    You may think George was bad, if you have a few minutes, . . .

    I watched the first fifteen minutes and will finish off the remainder later.

    There's much, much more in that presentation than I can comment on here, but what it discusses is really nothing new, as the banks and later the Gilded Age of America's 19th century set the precedent. Jesus Christ (or Allah, or Buddha et al.) isn't the God in which we trust, but the Almighty Dollar; always has been, always will be.

    I don't know anything about the makers of this production, but I'm surpised at how much of what I've seen so far jibes with what I've been going on about in this thread.

    Thought provoking and fascinating for someone who hadn't previously been exposed to the corruption that lies within, but business as usual to those of us who've studied history...

    I'm glad we can agree on something here!

    I'm no apologist for Bill Clinton, that's for sure, but his personal flaws--of which there are MANY--didn't cause us to invade Iraq and bankrupt the nation. Clinton's roving eye, cocky self assuredeness, and dirty southern political tactics were nowhere near as ruinous to this nation as Bush 43's ineptitude.

    Where ARE those WMDs, anyway?

    Before you all moan about how the left is taking us down the road to oblivion, remember that the people who voted Obama in weren't so much choosing Obama, but REJECTING George W. Bush. His ineptitude in EVERY aspect of his administration, with a litany of lies that makes Slick Willy Clinton look like Honest Abe Lincoln! Remember that load of crap about being "a uniter, not a divider"? My word, was there anything that this man said that was actually true? Oh, there was--perpetual tax cuts for the richest Americans! How come republicans like to think that they represent the "average Joe", yet their ilk, like the fundamentalist christians, always side with the wealthy and the powerful? They'll argue on behalf of thieves like Ken Lay until they're blue in the face.

    Sarah Palin, is Stepping Down as Governor at the End Of The Month, and going to Fight the Crooks in Washinton, and I think you are Going to See The First Woman President in 2012, and My Kind Of Woman With a Rifle in one Hand and a Fishing Pole in The Other Hand !!!



    Are you kidding? Palin has just handed any future opponent a very powerful weapon. No matter how she tries to spin this, the simple fact is that Palin couldn't manage to serve a single term as Governor. She failed to uphold her oath of office. When the going got tough, Sarah turned and ran.... and now you want her running the country???

    The GOP is in shambles.

    Well you have to admit that WWII was a much different war than the ones that followed. If you did not do everything in your power to be part of WWII there was something wrong with you, that is contrasted by Vietnam. Where if you did not do everything in your power to stay out of it, there was something wrong with you. That's my take on the general public view of things. So to compare the two is like comparing apples and oranges.

    I wanted to also mention that unless one was running on an far left, anti-war platform or had such a career in mind, it probably wouldn't have hurt a career if the scion of a political figure did serve in Vietnam.

    Well you have to admit that WWII was a much different war than the ones that followed. If you did not do everything in your power to be part of WWII there was something wrong with you, that is contrasted by Vietnam. Where if you did not do everything in your power to stay out of it, there was something wrong with you. That's my take on the general public view of things. So to compare the two is like comparing apples and oranges.

    That's why I titled my post "How Things Have Changed."

    What was it Sue said, Jim? Oh yeah, opinions are like noses in that most people have one. However, I prefer Eric's version. :wink:

    Stumpy, I hope that you're man enough someday to admit that I cleaned your hypocrital conservative clock in this debate.



    CT is a typical Cheney-hater who vociferously condemns the former VP's avoidance of the draft while studiously ignoring the fact that hundreds of thousands of other "Americans", including one of the left's icons named Clinton, committed the very same act by arranging college deferments or fleeing to Canada and Sweden. His irrationality and hypocrisy in this matter has convinced me that despite his protestations to the contrary, he's not a conservative but is in fact a liberal troll. For that reason, I've placed him on my "ignore" list and will no longer read or respond to his rants.

    There you go again, attacking the liberals but conveniently forgetting that your own ilk are guilty of the same behavior.

    Your "head in the sand" tactics used to ignore the facts are laughable. If you thought that this thread would merely serve as one long, Neo-Con rant, you were mistaken. You can't handle honest, rigorous debate. I've said nothing personal about anyone here, and you know it. Label me a "troll" all you want, but remember that you won't answer a simple, direct question.

    So much for "walking the walk."

    The Libs have been attacking Cheney ever since Dubya was elected. Halliburton, He staged the War in Iraq, Shady business dealings, now Viet Nam-era Draft Dodging? Wow, what's next... Is he the reason The Beatles broke up too?

    The only Presidents and/ or Vice Presidents I know about as far as draft dodging goes were Slick Willy Clinton (We could go on for days about his shady dealings.), and now our current President that may or may not even be an American citizen. (We will probably never knoww if Nobama ever even registered with the Selective Service.) Wasn't he too busy hanging with Terrorist William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright?

    Don't know about the Beatles breakup, ;) but you forgot to mention the shooting incident when Cheney shot Harry Whittington and didn't immediately inform the President of the United States! :D

    If you're unaware of Dick Cheney's draft-dodging past, I have a lot to teach you.

    Another "tell it like it is" conservative NOT answering the question!

    Draft-dodger Cheney's so good with guns! The USMC could've used his deadly skills at Khe Sanh...but those "other priorities" must've been more important.

    So do you condone Cheney's draft dodging, too? Everyone here makes counter accusations and attacks on the liberals-- everything but answer the question!

    I noticed Stumpy won't respond to the question I've been asking, nor will ChilliBill.

    Let's try this again, for any "straight shooters":

    Since Dick Cheney is a conservative, do you condone his Vietnam-era draft dodging?

    It seems to me that he makes a special, gleeful point of attacking Republicans, mostly for their hypocrisy, and I'll agree that both parties are definitely guilty of it. However, GOPers are much less guilty of wrongdoing than the Dems and he knows it.

    Forgot to add, wonder if he's noticed that every single time a Republican has been found to be committing a political, or moral outrage, such GOPer has resigned whatever position of party influence they may happen to hold. At that same time, I've never seen a stinkin' Dummicrat resign for anything.

    150+ pages of this thread have gone the other way in its attacks--why not some "fair and balanced" response? By your logic, then you, yourself are a "conservative troll", right?

    And when a Dem makes a blunder--I'll be there to give them both barrels, too.

    I'm still waiting for anyone here to justify Dick Cheney's Vietnam-era draft dodging and for ChiliBill to tell me which decade or years he considers "the good old days." Getting you two to answer a straight, direct question is like nailing Jello to a wall! Come on, straight shooters--shoot straight. Your continued silence on the Cheney issue only confirms what I already know--unless you prove otherwise.

    Well I was Brought up in the The Good Old Days "When You Call A Spade A Spade," and before all the Political Correctness That The Liberals in some parts of this Country want us to live by, and some day if You Live Long Enough You will Pay For it.

    I'd love to know which period of US history you'd call "the good old days"...please be specific...which decade or years were they?


    I'm beginning to strongly suspect that he's a liberal troll, Bill.

    Based on what? That I disagree with you on some issues? Check my posts through the years, I've discussed Duke films and have never caused any trouble. If you take issue with my views, fine, but don't make accusations. Duke was all for vigorous debate, and so am I. I have nothing personal against anyone here, and I have not made any personal attacks. If you start a thread about politics, expect some people to disagree with you.

    What? Nothing on Mark Sanford? The guy with those "conservative, family values" "vanishes" around Father's Day because he was down in Argentina having a sinful tryst with his mistress? I thought everyone here would be up in arms about this, especially since he was a possible candidate for POTUS...The state of South Carolina mourns...unless they, too haven't mentioned this...