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    I sure hope she runs and takes Bobby Jindel as her running mate. I think they both are fantastic.

    I agree with Sarah Palin, but Jindel is a politically correct pawn. What he did in the JP case was a crime. He did not even listen to the man.
    It is hard to find any politician who is not PC today.

    It's called CYA. :wink:

    They knew what he was about and did nothing. The Ft Hood deaths will be remembered as those who died at Pearl when our Government knew and sacrificed them.
    The similarities are FDR wanted war to pass his policies, and so does Obama. The only difference is FDR didn't want war here, but Obama does.
    Obama will never condemn a fellow Muslim, especially a radical.

    Hopefully America will wake up and see their leaders for who they really are and vote them out.

    I hope to God that this sentiment regarding Congress lasts until November 2010. We sure do need to throw all the bums out and start over.

    We must pray the citizens of our fine beloved America take their mental vitamins, and not suffer a case of forgetfulness.

    President Bambi will sign a document agreement in a few months that will begin a process that will be the end of US sovereignty. Those who understand the Bible book Revelation, it will usher in the one world govenment.

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    Ah Ringo, alas the one major flaw the American public has is forgetfulness. Will they remember come 2010? 0911 takes place and they were gungho for awhile and soon the fires faded, they forgot, and then began fighting over why 0911 happened in the first place. We must hope the American public remembers Bambi and his dumbacrats worthless deeds.

    Why does this not surprise me? I wish this RINO witch (substitute "b" for "w") and her equally liberal colleague Collins would go ahead and change their party affiliation and stop pretending they're Republicans.

    She is a martyr don't you know. Her state's tourism is down, and the lobster business is bad so she did it for the good of her people, yeah right!
    That 62 yr old, with 'natural' jet black hair, and ghoulish white skin needs to get out in the light. She fits the democrat bloodsucking vampire profile if anyone ever does. I meant those words in the kindest most possible way.:))):

    In the news today they mentioned the arrest of the 3 people who were planning to do a terrorist attack on NY. We are at war, these guys deserve to die, and yet everyone knows they will see limited or no time behind bars.
    I hope one of these days this Gov't will dig up Benedict Arnold and apologize to him. They are having so much trouble enforcing the law, that if Arnold did what he did then, now, he would probably get a medal.

    pelosi is so crazy for this unqualified person who somehow and I CANT fathom how-he got elected. Thanks to oprah winfrey and her publicising this jerk so early on, ill never watch her show again and I lost all respect for her.

    Ringo, America wanted a change so bad they may have voted for Hitler if he had shaved his mustache off.:uhoh:
    Oprah, she may have it her way now, but one day she will stand before one who will say things she can not argue with or deny. I have been involved with ministry things for years now, and she has denied Christ to the point of making her own religion. The last chapter of Revelation tell us that she will have a horrific end for doing so if she continues in this manner. I pray she repents.:headbonk:
    Needless to say she is very comfortable with false messiahs.

    Unfortunately, the libs tend to make light of the sacrifice that many Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen make.

    That is because the libs misinterpret service for appearance. They appear in uniform when the other veterans serve in uniform.
    The ones who attempt to serve, and shoot themselves(cough**Kerry**cough), and then get awarded medals.

    Some of those sign are funny. The unarmed this time was a bit scary.
    Pelosi runs Obama and thus America, she was a close friend of his marxist mom. Obama is her talking puppet.
    The next elections can't arrive soon enough. Still the last time the GOP did have the majority they slept on it. We need conservatives with guts!

    This fellow Warren E. Buffet is one who may be more responsible for the condition America is in than Bush or Obama. He goes on TV because he is the expert and warns of doom. Americans run to do as he has spoken to do. Stocks crash and he cries about losing 25 billion, when in the long run he will make many times that.…calculating-his-bets.html
    The worst part it will be with the Government's and most of Americas blessing. He told the Gov't what to do and then invested in the areas that he spoke about. If that does not rank up with insider trading I do not know what does. Politicians irritate me, but the rich who act above it all really get under my skin. There is a reason for the Bible verse that it is harder for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Well, All I can think of is George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Hancock. and a Tea Party, Patrick Henry said it best, Give me Libery or give me death, A man on his knee's is half a man. He dies many death's a Hero dies only once,
    but it's standing. I know how I'll be going out.

    Interesting all the people you mentioned. Many heroic men in American history were Christians, and I have seen the Dean Martin show were Duke tells of teaching his daughter the Lord's prayer. It seems bending one's knee in prayer was not so beneath Duke, or as with many men in our countries historic past. So if a man on his knees before God is half a man, count me in with them.

    For Kennedy and many others there should be a check box for military service that says appeared rather than served. Going through the motions and being held in the same light as those who truly did serve is a disgrace.:frusty:

    Well, at least this man tells it like it is (or was).

    An excellent article. He is so right, Kennedy bluffed and no one called him. When he stands before God for judgment, hopefully Mary Jo is standing there with a sign, remember me.:headbonk:

    Even if they were wrong.

    Speaking for myself, I wasn't heartbroken to see those two depart this earthly orb either. I honestly believe that JFK's election was the point at which this country began its' decline.

    JFK at least stood up to the Soviets and did not kiss their behinds like every President since. He told them get their missiles out or he would take them out. Plan talking which we do not get now.
    The passing of the equal rights bill, where affirmative action got it's roots in the mid 60's signed by Johnson. I get tired of hearing people always say I got rights, even though it sounds like 'rats'. When quotas determined who gets hired and no longer merit this country started it's slide down hill.

    I suppose I shouldn't say this but personally, that will be one of the happiest days of my political life. He is a politician who, for me, personifies everything wrong with liberal Democrats and I despise him with a passion.

    I remember my Republican Mom crying over John, and feeling the lose of Bobby, but Ted well he is not going out like they did.
    I will not wish him worse, for cancer is a hell of it's own. He will stand before God alone, and unless a last minute repentance takes place without Christ.
    God in whom he will stand before is not a liberal.

    Something that's always irritated the hell out of me is the so-called "gender gap" whereas a majority of women always support the Dummicrat Party.

    I am not sure of the exact figure, but I think it is 80-85% blacks are democrats when in reality they should be republicans since Uncle Abe was a Republican. If the 1860's Democrats had their way the blacks would be living in Texas or some other state segregated. Look at Liberia for example set up by the Democrats in the early 19th century.

    In selecting presidential candidates, there seems to be a mindset within the GOP that goes "well, it's his turn", never mind that the person they're referring to may be the worst possible candidate.

    I strongly believe this attitude had a lot to do with the selection of Bush 41, Bob Dole and McCain as Republican presidential candidates.

    Agreed, Dole and McCain were just run because they had put their time in. I am just glad turncoat Specter has left the GOP and turned back into the Democrat he always was and voted like. Knowing the GOP they would have carted him out next.
    If they do not ready Palin for 2012 they are making a mistake. Only thing they need to gag Todd her husband, he forgets he isn't Mr Governor.
    She is bright, energetic, a fresh change, and easy on the eyes.:wink: