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    The cast was major liberal except for Gary and I learned later, the Director Sam Raimi who has been a contributor to the Republican Party.

    Living in Pennsylvania we have Arlen Specter who is republican. He is a liberal regardless of party. I do not hold to the all republicans are conservative and democrats are liberal ideology. We have democrats in Pa that are more conservative (anti-abortion) than our republicans.
    I personally do not think we will ever have another John Wayne, or even a Ronald Reagan. The mold was broken.:ohwell:

    Reading this article and how the liberal bonehead just want to go after anyone who seems to want to kill the muslame extremists.…pe/blackwater_prosecution

    I think they are so mentally screwed up that they would stand by and watch their wife or child killed without lifting a finger, and if any of us dared to try to stop the killer those mental cases would only label us trigger happy murders.:ohmy:

    The Gov is handing out 20 Bill to Citigroup. If you or I went to the track and lost say 100K, do you think the Gov would bail us out?

    Yet those banking morons gave money away to unresponsible people, and who also took their high dollar bonuses when they yelled about tough conditions.

    If you didn't handle money well in your family and your kids suffered in any way the Gov would take them or put you in jail. Yet these bankers mishandled money and no one is taking anything away from them or jailing them.

    Just makes me fed up with Govt.:vomit:

    Did you see the story on Yahoo that Bush may pardon the Enron people along with a few others. That will go over real well.Nixon had to resign for much less.:ohmy:

    Bush is going down in US history that our public officials can't remember, ranking up there with Warren G Harding and US Grant for corruption and Hoover for the economics.

    When the good lord does come back, most politicians will be running in the opposite direction!!!

    Most politians are so full of themselves they think they are gods(Oprah will tell ya), and that they know better than the Lord Himself.

    If they think they can pull one over on God, as Duke would say;"That will be the day!".:wink_smile:

    Reagan brough back patriotism to the many Americans who were turned off during the Vietnam war. The night USA beat Russia and the night the Berlin wall came down those were times that were able to melt the hearts of any die hard liberal even if for only a minute.
    Those were good times.

    I love Danny Craig as Bond but if I ever hear he's a Obama supporter, I'll never view another of his movies. :stunned:

    Sean Connery was Bond, James Bond. Craig I haven't liked since seeing him in Road to Perdition. He being an Obamaite only supports my dislike.:vomit:

    The sad facts Stumpy is many Americans only want a warm body in the whitehouse that is in no way connected with GW Bush. The republicans I think knew that and just ran McCain just to fill the requirement of having a warm body run against the democrats warm body.

    A sad state of affairs when all Americans want is a warm body, brains not required.:ohmy:

    Marilyn Manson for Sec of Def now there's a thought!! President Manson?? Is it too late for his nomination papers.

    Well we are nearly down to the last week. Will it be a clean sweep for Obama or will Mc Cain close the gap and come out in front?:ohmy:

    Since Manson is a Satanist I would be moving if he ran for anything or won anything. If he won he would appoint King Diamond his Sec of Def, Korn his official band, and use gangster rap to torture sane people.

    Barring a miracle Obama will win. :vomit:

    What is so sad and so like the liberal media is the posting of the potential electoral votes. They think it may keep repubican voters home with the thought is it worth it to vote since we are so behind.

    Can you imagine someone like John Kerry as "Defense" Secretary in an Obama administration? I can, and the thought just scares the hell out of me.

    After he threw all the Vietnam soldiers under the bus, him being the Sec of Def. would be like Marilyn Manson running a day care.

    stumpy - how about doing a swap then - you can swap with me and live in cold, rainy lancashire with food and petrol going through the roof and gordon brown running the country and i ll live in america :wink_smile:

    Now Badger that is a tempting offer.
    If I moved it would be the UK. My Wife wants Canada, I said No. Visited there at least 7 times and not once did I want to remain, the UK is a different story.

    what do people on here think of sarah palin?
    at first it seemed like a master stroke of mccain but it seems to me that every time now she opens her mouth she loses votes?

    Badger, it was a stroke of genius by McCain, but though I respect Palin her inconsistency's are too easy to spot.
    The media likes to pick little things apart. She says that she is a hockey Mom, but when she dropped the puck at the Phialdelphia Flyers game and didn't wear a Flyers jersey which was a Major no-no!

    She will be the main draw in 2012 for the GOP. Palin verses Cinton.

    The US Gov't needed to change from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution in 1790 but we lost state powers and term limits. State powers stayed into effect until 1833 supreme court ruling in the Baltimore case of the harbor that Marshall ruled.
    If only they could have combined the two. Even the Bill of Rights by Mason would have been better than Madisons in that Rights or 'Rats' as they say in Philly were less emphasized. Serving the greater good than yourself. What a concept, if only.:sad:

    Does this not look like a rerun of the Dole campaign. The Republicans ran out Dole even though they knew they would lose and he also got his shot.

    It seems McCain gets his shot, Palin gets noticed, and life goes on. McCain is treating Obama like he is going to be his next boss and doesn't want to upset him.

    It leaves us out in the cold, but when has a politician cared?

    Palin could be Thatcher but then again she could also be a lot of other things. Personally, she is unknown, untested with little practical experience. Hopefully she will get the opportunity to gain experience before being thrust onto the big stage.

    McCain is dabating so poorly that Obama will win, and only a miracle of God can prevent that from happening.

    Since Obama will be in the Whitehorse, Palin and Alaska will be the forgotten state. He will make sure she can not get much political exposure nationally so that her reputation isn't helped for 2012. Needless to say the oil and natural gas will stay underground there, and probably no off shore drilling since it was a republican idea.

    Count your blessings you dont have Goofy Gordon. At the rate he is going we wont have a communal pot to piss in!!!:cry2:

    At least you had Blair. I am not sure what the other Americans here feel about him, but he stood by us when all others outside of Poland and a few who all deserted America in out fight against terror.
    My Wife and I heard him while we were over in England and he is a charismatic speaker, and much more polished than Bush.