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    The main corrupt bozo ever in politics was FDR. I know many were before him, but he was and always will be head bozo. The extra 2 terms when he was past the ability to make sound decisions. Stalin loved him and Churchill well didn't by the time of Malta and giving the USSR the keys to the kingdom. The Japs should have bombed FDR's house.:mad:, but since he knew about Hawaii he would have not been there. It's a shame the sailors at Hawaii couldn't have done the same thing, but then FDR wanted his war. Just can't believe he was Teddy's cousin. FDR's side missed the good sense genes.

    I agree power does corrupt and the politians only serve themselves.

    Watching the debate tonight and McCain is digging his own grave. Obama will win by a landslide. McCain debates like Bush's Father did against Clinton and we know how well that worked.
    Honestly, 2012 with Palin and whoever looks good right now.

    Diversity and multiculturalism is truly the downfall of this society. People don't understand that when you let people "be who they are" all the time you sometimes go down a path that you will no longer come back from. You want to come to America? Then come and be an American!! No more of this mexican-american, japanese american, ect.... You didn't see our ancestor's coming here and calling themselves norwegian-american's or german-americans. They were just plain Americans. Sure they brought with them things from there culture but they put an effort into being a American because they came here to make a better life. ..... they tear down the very things all the immigrants from the last 100+ years have built up.

    Our framers of the Constitution based everthing on Biblical meanings and our own American judges in the early 19th century started to undermine those foundations.
    With each immigrant coming from a irreligious countries only added to our change in beliefs in America which culminated in taking anything Jewish or Christian out of our Gov't and schools. Schools can still teach Islam, and other cult teachings without any interference.
    This week newspapers sent notice of the story about Islamic terrorist and they received calls, emails about this that were negative. Islamists make up less than 5% of Americans and yet just as the gays who are less than 9% when they complain it stops everything.
    These fringe groups just rattle the bars louder than the rest of us do.
    For me it makes me ashamed of my Quaker heritage for all the ruining of America they have done.

    In the beginning there were term limitations so that they would go home to tend their farms or plantations. Greed and ambition had the limitations removed for the congressmen. The Predential limitation as you know was only exceeded once and by the Democrats of all parties. Who would have thought.:ohmy:

    The interesting part of this puzzle is the ignorance both classes show towards republicans.
    Blacks hate Lincoln, but he helped free them. Democrats started Liberia for the colony in Africa for ex-slaves. Copperheads and Democrats would have put them in a separate state of their own, both not wanting to have them co-exist with them.
    Jews do not like republicans yet the support of Israel came originally from the republicans. The Democrats have never shown great love or support for that nation.
    I don't have the apathy for some, for example the Dallas Mavericks Josh Howard who would not sing the National Anthem, and was quoted saying I don't sing that $h_t, I'm black. Here's 5 bucks, Liberia is calling.

    On the news today is one of the prime reasons this nation is not what it once was totally because of the liberal thinking and political correctness.
    Those men who are being sentenced for killing those 4 Iraqis insurgents. If they would have killed them in battle no one would have said nothing. To do as they would to our soldiers is a crime. Bah humbug!
    They would have killed our troops in execution style and not missed a beat. The only thing those Islame-ists understand is eye for an eye.
    Obama wants to talk with them, ah, phooey. Kill them all, let God figure out who lives and dies.
    Sorry just a bit peeved after reading that news brief.:eek:

    Now everyone in this country divides themselves by their country or continent of origin, i.e., African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, German-Americans, Polish-Americans, Irish-Americans, etc, etc, etc.

    The immigrants who came to America, that is everyone who isn't a native American Indian, all separated into their own cultural/ethnic groups by choice when they arrived onto these shores.
    Most big cities NY, Phila, LA,Chi-town and Washington D.C. all have a China town plus a predominant black area and Hispanic. Remember Irish, Italian, Polish American clubs that weren't media driven.
    The 1965 equal rights amendment changed how the US and the media labeled and pushed everything into meaning what the liberals wanted them to mean. Down hill ever since in the public arena.

    You are right Mrs. C with each side going back n forth like the Hatfields and McCoys on a Saturday night. The election is important, but so is disasters like Ike and financial crisis's like Lehman and AIG.
    I am just following what's going on but really trusting that the One or the Man upstairs as Duke called Him who is really in control sorts everything out.

    ShortGrub :pizza:

    There was no way SNL would let Palin look good since they are ultra liberals. Still I liked the line Clinton said about getting a pair, and a reference to her own.:laugh:

    I love my Brit relatives, but sometimes their news people are as illogical and inhuman as our American one's.
    The day we stop giving the UN 80% of it's budget, stop paying nations to be our friends, and stop being pressured to be the first to send aid to countries that hate us the better things will be for the USA. Our deficit would be gone quickly and we could actually pay the loans off that we owe.

    Sorry for my political tirade.:tank:

    This morning I received a donation request from the McCain campaign. Apparently they haven't read my comments regarding politicians in general and McCain in particular. :teeth_smile:

    I must confess that I'm sold on Sarah but that's about the only political act of John McCain's with which I ever agreed.

    Stumpy, I usually vote the person not the party. McCain didn't really sell me, and Obama just isn't above board. Being from PA, I had enough of Biden since he is from Delaware.
    Palin is what helped me make the decision. She is the missing piece McCain needed to close the gap and in some polls take the lead.
    She is right, of anyone running, she is the only one who ever has made executive decisions. When she says that in a speech it includes McCain and you know the Democrats are going to use it against the Republicans.
    If McCain wins at least we shouldn't have a Clinton issue (Monica) since Cindy McCain is very attractive herself.