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    Haha I think you'll find Maureen was one of a kind! She was lucky in that she had pretty much the perfect stereotypical look for an Irish girl that Hollywood would have been after at the time. It's all fake tan and false eyelashes these days.

    Too true--she really is beautiful. Those like whats-her-""baby-bump""-face--kardashinan--are so fake looking even when they dont need be. besides-im sick and tired fo her baby bump garbage. I wish she would disappear--but hope Maureen (and) Olivia de Havilland--live forever. I have to admit that Mae West was the first I had a crush on-then (and she is tied) it was: Olivia de Havilland and tied with Maureen O'Hara.

    DukePilgrim - I'm at a loss regarding your remarks about Tennessee...Since I'm living here again, where exactly IS our Belfast here in the "Greenest state in the land of the free?!"

    BTW Carl, there are far more Irish living in the Lone Star state than you might realize! ;)

    One could always hope so. I wonder if any look like Maureen O'Hara? in her younger years of course (SIGH)

    Once we get there in numbers Ringo we will invade Mexico! Thats were you are going wrong.

    Heh heh, wanna hear a funny? On St Patricks Day this year--i saw few caucasion wearing anything green. I would have but forgot to do so. The vast majority of those who i saw wearing green and observing the day were Hispanics. :lol::lol::lol:

    I was watching the news last night and MAYBE there is hope for the USA. IF there is anything good that can come from the murders of our Embassador and the three other Americans in Bengazi???? it might be the conviction of billery clinton and the witch being sent to prison thus ending the liberals hopes the wicked with of Endor will run in 2016. I cant wait till Wednesday happens because--three State Dept Whistle-blowers are going to start spilling the beans to Congress. Also, some senators are saying that its also an Impeachable offense too-so maybe obama bin ladins rule may be coming to an end? :lol;:lol::lol:

    Last time I went through Tennessee they already had a Belfast.:wink_smile: so apart from a whole lot of us already being there and giving you your best Presidents etc etc etc

    We dont have alot of Irish folks here in Texas--even though im half-Irish myself. We need more ;-))

    You guys our spoilt, you should see the standard of politicians we have here in Northern Ireland, i'd love to feel apart of a power country like the US

    Hey Irish, if you ever decide to move to the USA--ill sponsor ya. :lol:

    PS, down with the British. Just kidding of course. :lol::lol:

    AMEN to that my Southern Bro. Thats also partially why I keep posting about Guns.

    Hi Kevin, I appreciate this but--especially that topic letting the Ladies know about an all-female gun club--had nothing to do with politics.


    There has been an Admin decision
    that all Gun Lobby posts must be confined to this thread

    I wished we had been informed on any decision. I think that would have been fair to do?

    PS, they are NOT--gun lobby posts but news. There is a big difference. If I were lobbying on guns? my posts would be totally different.

    For the Ladies of this site--I just found something you might be interested in providing you own or wish to buy a firearm. This group was originally started by a lady here in Texas--and started this Org back in 2011--which has now grown to be in 16 States. Its called:

    A Girl and A Gun Shooting Club.

    I suppose they have a web site on the net-so if interested? well, you ladies have your own shooters club :lol:

    No one is, and no statement is being ignored.
    We are are discussing this and will make a decision accordingly

    I didnt say my statement was ignored-I said my request was ignored (not in these exact words of course) and also, I never have liked "blanket statements" when they are also not the truth and without going into it-I know you KNOW exactly what I mean.

    The gun news I post is because there are also many here who want to be in the know in case they aint in the know. Im not posting stuff on guns to tick off gun-haters or those who do not wish to own guns.

    And IF--there is a complainer? that complainer should NOT read something they know they will meow about. If I dont think a thread is interesting? I DONT LOOK at it--simple as that. These gun issues are most important to most folks and is also why im posting what I see and hear.

    Well hopefully they'll see this and acknowledge your request. I actually enjoy learning about the different types and such and you've posted some nice pictures to go with the info.

    Hi Irish and many thanks. My main thing is-is that im posting news and one person seems to deem its all political even when it aint. The ONLY thing political about my last post on guns-was the fact that I named names--which is part of the news, otherwise--I would not list names since I cant stand political stuff. ;-))

    I don't think anyone's trying to silence you Ringo although I do think it would be better if those who had a problem with your posts said so to your face rather than going behind your back, even if I myself don't share your views.

    Hi Irish--they are and this is the 2nd time in recent months. I asked Keith to start a thread strictly for the purpose for Gun news--and I was ignored again.

    Due to members complaints,
    we have have had no alternative
    but to move this post.

    My I suggest that in future, any issues
    of a sensitive political nature
    be confined to this thread.

    Im going to start a new thread on guns-when I see more of what becomes of the ongoing gun ban garbage. In the title of the thread--im going to say something like: Gun ban news--DONT read if you dont like guns.

    Im NOT--going to be hushed up by liberals.

    Due to members complaints,
    we have have had no alternative
    but to move this post.

    My I suggest that in future, any issues
    of a sensitive political nature
    be confined to this thread.

    Keith, here is a simple solution, why not create a Gun thread? Use the word in the thread title that way if there is someone who hates them? they will see the word they hate-and then--not look in the thread. I made it a seperate thread BECAUSE--there are more pro gun people here than anti--I know because ive been in touh with many over the years both openly as well as by email, phone and snail mail.

    Hi Jim, I loathe harry reid too and his crowd. But--he did vote for the bans. He made it know yesterday that he would be voting for more gun control issues especially this one. The NRA had given him a weak "B" rating because of him voting against other gun control issues in the past.

    BREAKING NEWS--not political so please leave as a seperate topic.

    Win TWO for "We the People" and the 2nd Amendment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The harry reid--moron crowd have lost two of God knows how many rounds of Gun issues.

    The Senate today--voted on the Expanded background checks BALONEY--has been DEFEATED by 6 votes of a 54 to 46 margin.

    The ""Assault Weapons"" ban was defeated by 20 in a 40 to 60 vote.