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    So you beleave white people should still own slaves?
    This is why I don't post on this thread.

    Dont know where you get that idea from Bill, you should know me better by now. One thing--the Civil War as fought by the vast majority of those who served in BOTH Armies--was NOT to preserve slavery. Mostly--as in the case of MY FAMILY and no--NOBODY IN MY FAMILY was for slavery nor ever owned any slaves. The War--as anyone interested in factual history SHOULD know--was NOT fought to keep slaves--it was fought to keep YANKESS off our land and that we didnt want those from far away--dictating how we wanted to live our lives. Again--ill ask, I dont know where you got that silly notion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    EDIT: I meant to say above that Slavery was not what the war was fought about. Ill not change any words above though.

    This is part of where my loyalty lays because its MY heritage:

    Like it or not? I love my Country faults and all and sometimes its hard not to wish that the Battle flag isnt the one flying just below the National flag..


    Same here. I couldn't believe we once more didn't have a good choice for president. Figured might as well give Romney a chance....couldn't do worse than Obama.....don't think anyone could. Just wonder when the puppeteers will start showing up. Probably out there already and we just don't know who they are yet.
    If they get strong enough......wouldn't be surprised if a third term gets worked into there somehow. Scary, KEITH

    Same here on why I voted for Romney. I was one of the first in line to vote on the first day of early voting.

    republican is not rich corporations, Im not saying it doesn't include those but it also is working class folks, Its a principal. I find it amusing how so many include wall street or rich but they never say anything about hollywood. Look at Joe Bidens donations to charities and look at romneys. Ill say this the churches do more for poor and helping their fellow man than any other entity. The majority of churches are conservative in their beleifs. The democrats kicked God out of their platform. Obama says we can't go back but for over 200 years this nation has prospered and became the greatest country, what destoryed Bush was he spent or allowed them to spend way too much. Obama has tripled that , Nothing wrong with capitalism we have used that model for a long time. I suggest people read alinskies rules for radicals a sublect Obama taught. Alisnky says ridicule is the most powerful weapon, he holds up Lucipher, some of the 13 rules of Alinsky is pick a target,freeze the target. anything look familar? wall street, Insurance companies, Banks, energy sector. Alinsky says it doesnt matter if you lie,cheat as long as the agenda is met. If caught in a lie deny and deny and deny. read the book and everytime they speak you'll understand what they are doing. Get ready folks it may be tough road to hold not for me but for my children. God Bless America!!!

    Goood post.

    GOD Bless the USA and all I can add is--that its going to get interesting to see if OLDD will still blame George Bush for the next four years for everything that goes wrong or is still wrong. Hmmmmmm.........

    Dang it, I just can't help it. We KNOW how horrible Obama is....he has just about destroyed our country already. OK, I almost had a heart attack when we got Romney to oppose him, BUT, we don't KNOW that he would be horrible. We already KNOW that Obama is. I am STILL in a state of shock. Anyone can look at the things he has done and just freak out. It is incomprehensible that he could be allowed to continue on with the devastation. But, I predict, if he keeps on his present track, he WILL be impeached. And you can take THAT to the bank! KEITH

    One can only hope OLDD will be impeached. And I HOPE--its because he allowed four great Americans to be MURDERED in Libya.

    I was a bit surprised Romney lost but--as much as about 5 or so months ago--I said I still believe that OLDD would win. Wellllll??????

    I would say this time both candidates would not have been the perfect choice... I always feel, that America as the leading nation in the world should find another president like Ronald Reagan or JFK. But it is the benefit of a democracy that people have the right to choose their rulers. Sometimes it seems, a democracy is not the perfect kind of a state, but it is the best kind of a state we have!

    Agree here as well. Ill even add that it scared the heck out of me to "see" all those who were running as Republicans--TRYING their best to be Ronald Reagans--and not a one of them could come anywhere close to being him. I think Romney should have played it safe and pick Marco Rubio for Vice Pres. Even if for the wrong reason--he would have won over many more hispanics had he done so and we now would not be facing 4 more years of someone accomplishing NOTHING.

    Im consoled in the thought that OLDD cannot ever be pres again after this next four LONG years and that joe (TEETH) biden aint popular enough to win. Trouble is--is that slick willy while campaigning for the dems--also went around paving the way for his wife to run in 2016 >:-((

    I personally was never in favor of this thread, just too open to arguments and name calling. Politics is NEVER a fun subject, and has destroyed many relationships, it's just too volatile an area. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail.

    And this is yet a closet way to keep others with differing opinions from being heard. No disrespect meant for a Duke Wayne member.

    Afraid I will have to go with Gorch Lordy, the man has almost destroyed us could anyone....oops, never mind....just opinions.

    Good GRIEF.....we are a nation of nincompoops! I considered this to be an absolute impossibility.


    VERY well said maam. Cant agree more.

    AMEN to the above. And without having a chance to read the several other pages of post yet--ill almost bet that few have the guts to post their opinions against a marxist.

    Looks like Obobo got re-elected since Ohio has just been called. I considered posting this on the R.I.P. page because this is the death of the USA.
    I am now beginning to believe that the Mayan calendar may be correct about the end of the world in December. Think I'll hold off on my Christmas shopping.

    We deal in lead, friend.

    In full agreement. You should have heard something I heard from a VERY uneducated democrat lady--and I use the term "lady"" VERRRRRRRRY loosely. I was riding back from seeing The Great Escape--and this twit said that Romney lost because the Repubs were being racist and using the race card--and had i not completely lost my voice--I would have torn her a new sphincter muscle. This twit went on saying that since the Reps lost--that she heard they were threatening to riot--thats funny because--when certain twitter posts were read on various news shows--ONLY the dems threatened to riot had OLDD not won.

    Also, this ""lady"' went on to say other outrageous stuff that I was barely able to squeak out that "I had never heard so much TRIPE coming from an uneducated toothless Hundfott." Those near me who could hear me--all laughed at that LEMMINGS expense.

    Also, after that LEMMING said that all Repubs were racist--it went on to say in spanish (translated for me what I didnt understand by the friend who was with me) that: "I have a long bus ride and I have a black guys (ss) in my face." I KID you not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    1st day of early voting starts here tomorrow and im going to get up early since I have to go by bus to do so, and I fully intend on being the first person in line to vote. Ill say it again--those who DONT vote--have no right to complain if the wrong person is the next Pres.

    I call him: obama bin ladin. Its about = in popularity where I post that at.

    PS, for Kevin and Keith,

    Kevin--I thank you for the support on this and in public too. Keith, thanks for giving me the courtesy.

    For anyone having a problem with what I post? All you have to do is to let me know. Todd once had a problem with me making fun of an actor he likes and that I didnt care much for--he asked me to not make fun of him, and I have not since that happened--which was im guessing about 4-5 years ago. Im a "big boy" and can take any criticism anyone can tell me about and will not fly off the handle and lose my temper about it. Anyway, this is all im saying on this--Danke.

    Hi Guys, on that kid with fist photo. Here is how and where I found it.

    I simply googled "JOHN WAYNE IMAGES" and that image popped up on that page of images--I kid you NOT. So if anyone here thinks I--created it?? think again. Im "a self-proclaimed worlds worst computer dummy" and wouldnt have the know how to create such a photo. :lol::lol::lol:

    ANyway, I DID NOT ask for the thread to be kept seperate for the purpose of ticking any detractors off-I only meant that I DID NOT want the photo to get quickly buried--that was my ONLY motivation. Also, on the photo itself--ive seen this kids picture several times before and with different messages painted on it--just like this one has a "new message" I had never seen before used.

    Anyway, for those here who dont know how to laugh and dont have a funny bone--this photo I pasted here-was ONLYMEANT FOR A LAUGH and nothing else. Had I intended it for something else? I would have said so in the first place.

    Anyway, to borrow a phrase from a frequent co-star of Dukes: "That's more words ive spoken since I know you". Or something like that?

    Keith, please don't merge this with any other post. :-)) It's too good to get buried quickly. :lol::lol::lol:

    Anyway, I fully agree with the message :lol::lol:

    I see the positive thinking is working already. :hop:

    Just glad Harry Truman got the constitution changed to restrict Presidents to two terms.

    Can't help it but--it's more of a "gut" feeling. :lol::lol:

    Ditto on HST, I wish he were running instead of these MUCHO BABOSO'S