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    I hope you're wrong, but you have a good point. When will the Republican machine wake up? I was hoping the the 2008 debacle would have shocked them back to reality, but it didn't.

    I'm not voting for Romney, I'm voting against BHO.

    Unfortunately, I dont think the Repubs will ever wake up? They all try to compare themselves with Ronald Reagan--and none of them come even close to being as good as any dirt that might have been under one of Reagans fingernails. :-((

    Could be a close race but I think Romney will lose to Obama as he wont bring out all the conservative vote. Obama main concern is that a major economic diasaster comes to the boil before November and hurts US economy.

    I think obama bin ladin already BOUGHT the presidency. >:-((

    You hit the nail on the head--Romney is a dork--but anything is better than the Mucho Babosos we have now.

    Clint Eastwood just "Made My Day". Here's how.

    Clint Eastwood just endorsed Mitt Romney for Pres and publicly stated he will fully support Mitt and is voting for him. HA!!! I knew Clint wasnt a lib--neither is Jon Voigt, Kid Rock, and a growing list of celebrities.

    WAY TO GO CLINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Excuse my French but--where the hell do they dig these blind idiots up from?

    PS, Tucker Carlson on hie website-is giving away a free GUN--every week til hopefully the current dopes are voted out of office.

    Forgot to mention, I also like Herman Cain. I like Michelle Bachman but, she stands as much a chance of winning, as an ice cube stands a chance to not melt in an oven-thanks to the leftist creeps who keep trying to and basically did, trash and destroy her like they did to Sarah Palin.

    Ive a;lready seen a few of a certain segment of the population, start wearing their STUPID obama bin ladin shirts.

    Who is your favorite canidate for POTUS? Not many good choices from what I see. But we have to find one soon. Our country is in trouble and these idiots in Washington are close to destroying it. Looks like the world, too!

    Cheers :cool: Hondo

    I like, Donald Trump, Colonel Alan West and even Rick Perry-though I aint a Perry fan.

    Simply, I don't believe ANY of them and think they (politicians) are ALL lower than snakes bellies. However, I TRY to vote for the lesser of two evils. Bill White was evil. I lived in Houston when that freak was Mayor and if you want a politically correct (San Francisco/Berkeley-like place? try any that bill white was in charge of.

    Gotta love bumper sticker writers. My wife hates bumper stickers, but said this is one she would proudly wear on her car. lol


    Before the word with the "A" and double ess in it, the word Pompus should be there.

    Agreed but he has still 17-18 months to go. Carter was a decent guy but a lousy President who should not have got anywhere near the White House.

    Unfortunately--a loooooooooooooooooooong year and a half to go. However, as long as he does not get reelected, I can live with that ;-))

    Fully agree about Carter not being qualified for the job. I WONDER what people were thinking back then?

    Thank GOD, that Reagan came along to keep that bozo from getting 8 years to keep ripping this Country to shreads.

    Agreed 100%. Carter was easily the worst president of the 20th century - by a mile. Once again, someone with zero qualifications, he should never have even been nominated for president, let alone win the whole thing.

    Sadly, I firmly believe the ONLY reason why the current guy was nominated--was because oprah winfrey ""found"" him and fully supported him. Now, had he ran as an American, instead of an Afro-American--then I might have had more respect for him.

    Timing and luck can play a major role in deciding whether a President is successful or not. Clinton & Blair glided through their terms as respective without being dragged into the quagmire they left for their successors.

    Obama isn't the worst President YET but the 2012 job is like poor old Hoover being elected in 1929.

    He aint the worst Pres yet--because he still has a short way to go before he out-does that Peanut Farmer from Plains, Georgia.

    Oh, I'm not defending Weiner, at least not with what he was doing with his Twitter account! I think what he did is mega-icky. I do think it's amusing when Republicans get caught with their, er, let's say, hand in the till since they all run on family values and the sanctity of the traditional family platform. Though Dems occasionally get hoist on the same petard, with John Edwards being the main case in point. My husband the lawyer says he thinks the U.S. Attorney's case against Edwards is bogus, but we will see. ;)

    But to be honest I get a lot more upset over politicians who sell their integrity out to corporations and Wall Street -- which is virtually every politician IMHO, Democrat or Republican.

    Stick to your guns against forum bullies.

    Duke, Ward, Ronnie.........where are you when we need you?????

    I think they are working behind the scenes-sorta incognito in that they can help us get rid of the worst ones on the other side-starting with Anthony Wiener. After that? HOPEFULLY the two buffoons that are in the top positions in this Country.