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    PS, i'd still like to hear a viable explanation of WHY, NASA HAS to reach out to the muslim community????? I havent had a good laugh in awhile.

    I agree wholeheartedly! But the article I just read today also shows that they are above the law, and have no problem breaking the law without fear of being held accountable.…ed-by-vice-president.html

    I read that Washington Post story also noticing that they briefly talked about a Correctional Officer in New Jersey who is also suing because they cant wear a scarf. Dont those stupid idiots even think at all. All they are allowing of that muslim idiot wearing said scarf, is nothing but a tool "weapon" of sorts, that some insane inmate can use to severely hurt said Correctional Officer or kill said C.O. That is, unless they permanently station him in an OUTSIDE Perimeter Picket position.

    That garbage wouldnt flush here in the Texas Penal System.

    I say, they SHOULD allow that idiot to wear something that can be used against them as a weapon and let some inmate dispatch that idiot to the muslim after-world--maybe-then, just MAYBE, after said Co is critically injured of killed-will they realize that in certain places, one CAN NOT be allowed to wear whatever they want based on religious beliefs.

    Im not trying to sound harsh but, just pointing out facts of what could most likely happen to that idiot of a C.O.

    Has anyone noticed that when Obama gives a public speech:gah: :vomit:, whether it be news conference or any select group, he puts a positive spin on anything that happens, just to make himself look good to his constituents.
    These past few weeks, with congress trying to pass an elephant through the eye of a needle, anything halfway decent that happens, Obama is taking credit; if there is any negativity to events, he strives to make sure everyone knows he wasn't responsible, that he tried superhumanly to make things go in the positive column, but no one would follow his lead (if he even remotely qualifies for the description of leader)!:fear2:

    I noticed that he likes to really stretch the truth to the breaking-point on everything. I saw through the sham of a leader before he was elected.

    Ive got a few liberal friend on the site and im ALWAYS making them cringe when I say soemthing especially about the doofus whom we have as pres and vice prez. Through all that, were still friends though I singed one of them pretty badly for dissing Ronald Reagan, Charlton Heston, Jon Voigt and Robert E Lee, all in one paragraph. Hes been a bit silent lately-even for a Moderator ;-))

    Hi Hondo, the same here. I grew up watching and liking very much, Ernest Borgnine. Hes one of my top favorites and in the same league as Duke is in IMO.

    I heard about this earlier in the week from a friend over on the WW2f forums. I HOPE Borgnine sticks to his guns on this?

    This new hollywood, sucks prune pits; period.

    Thanks Chester. Il give it a try next time im online which I think will be Sat?

    Take care-_Carl.

    PS, in the long post above-sorry if I sounded like I was angry or being rude-it wasnt meant towards you or Hondo ;-))

    Cheers Chester, Hondo,

    Chester, is that Alex Jones the one that has that latenight radio sprogram called: Joes Overnight? If so? I like him though I have not listened to any of his programs since 2003-not because I might disagree with him on anything-jut that I basically quit listening to the radio so lat at night at that time ;-))

    Hondo, if I could? I would take other transport-trouble is, is I dont have a car, cant afford a taxi, and their tiny train system finally got up and running just last week and costs $6 for a day pass. I plan on taking it in April just to see what the big deal is? but that will probably be the only time I will ride their train. ;-)) I dont hate trains-just cant afford their ticket prices-at least often enough to make it worth while.

    Something else hate about Austin is that it seems as if the State Prisons send all newly released inmates here and all hey do is ugly up this town by standing on almost every interesction begging for money though most of them are already collecting Social Security and other money from other sources. Tjey ALL are running a huge scam-and every bum I have met out there-has a better cellphone than I do and most of them als have Blackberrys. I can just barely afford my cellphone. Oh and, I overheard several financial discussions between bums on the bus at various time and was astounded at how much they make per day begging. One admitted to making $45 in 20 minutes. Another said she made $150 in about 2 hrs. Most of these bums smoke , get drunk and if they can afford to smoke and drink and have cellphones, then they dont need to be begging and need to get a job.

    These bums also play the entire charity system for everything they can get. Free shelter, food, medical care, clothing, money, bus passes, and God knows what else? I have been thinking of making my own cardboard sign and go stand on a busy corner-not to beg for a penny-but to let all those who pass by-that they are all being scammed by these bums and to also warn them that abouy 90% or more of them out there are former inmates. I know that because I can tell which have been in prison by several things such as-the way they act, the tattoos they have, the way they dress etc-plus most of them making it known o everyone who rides the bus (because they all are loudmouths without any manners and who think the world owes them everything) because they all talk louder than everyone else on the bus.

    I have also had runins with two bums already. One was at the library I go to to use the computer and this jerk saw me trying to get help from a librarian on something-stepped right between us and hit me with his shoulder and he said Uh-didnt you see me coming? to which I said something negative-in German, and he touched my shoulder and I turned around and told him to get his paw off my shoulder or I would rip out his tonsils.

    The 2nd incident happened just this Monday. I was at a bus stop waiting for the 1-M-and was located in front of a Walgreens. Well, a bum was sitting in the middle of the bench and has his stuff spread out on eithe rside of himself and there was no room to sit down and I didnt feel like sitting anyway but-this bum was eating a large icecream cone he just bought from walgreens and threw the wrapper right on the ground at his feet even though he was within reach of the large green trashcan place to the left of the bench for the purpose of intaking trash. He saw me glancing at him-knowing all too well why I was doing so, didnt say anything but glared at me-which made me angry then I flat out stared at this freak. Well, the freak got up from the bench purposely leaving his garbage on the ground-and walked away as I said: You forgot to pick up your trash and deposit it into the trashcan. He said: Its not my trash and continued to walk away. I then said he really ought to think agout doing the right thing and pick up after his sloppy self.

    He turned around and glared at me-I already had my keychain and keys in my right hand as well as keys sticking out between my fingers ready to rumble-just in case.

    He saw I was serious and said he wasntt picking up ""someone elses garbage"" and I said, dude-I saw you take the wrapper off that icecream cone-procede to throw the lid and the wrapper on the ground right in front of where you say-while fastly engulfing that snack. Then I said its no wonder you cant make it on the outside and will soon be back in prison to which it said-ive never been in prison-which we bth knew was a gross lie.

    I grabbed my cellphone and faked calling the cops to report this freak littering and he was scared nough to go quickly behind WGs and only came to the busstop when it saw the bus arive that we both needed. It just so happened that we both got off at the same busstop-it apparently was scurrying home and I was going for a cheap meal at Ryans Restaurant-which is owned by Nolan Ryan) and it scurried like a rat as quickly as it could across the street, I took my time and made it without anyone having to brake for me-and proceded to Ryans. It had already had about a 100 or so yard lead on me. I walked past a fence and saw it walking to the back of Ryans all the while looking over its shoulder at me then it ran I guess because it thought I was following it when I was merely heading towards Ryans entrance.

    Nope, I cant tolerate these people and most of them are nothing like what Mr Jones is.

    Sorry for my long storu but thats what I see daily.

    As I was riding the bus across town yesterday, I saw two black people wearing obama-lama-ding-dong t-shirts. Both their shirts had various and very stupid slogans on them and the OLDD portraits on said shirs reminded me of WWII German and Russian propaganda posters and the like. Anyway, I partly remember what one slogan was on one fo the shirts and it was something like: "Redistribution of wealth will be a good thing." A good thing? for who? the lazy useless eaters who all they do all day long is sit back and get drunk and smoke weed on their front porches!

    Well, the first black guy seemed to be pretty smug wearing his OLDD t-shirt and gave me a dirty look when he noticed that I was frowning after reading the propaganda garbage that was printed all over his shirt. Im getting sick and tired os seeing people wearing shirts with anti-American garbage on them. Im going to start having tshirts made featuring my kind of thingas-such as one or two with a photo of General Robert E. Lee on it-another with general Patton on it taking a leak in the Rhine River, as well as some with Steve McQueen, Duke and Ronald Reagan featured on them.

    Im really beginning to hate being in liberal-ridden-anti-American hate-filled Austin.

    What do you mean by that? I knew the idiots would do it, I was hoping they would continue to screw up like they have been doing for the last 50 or 60 years. They finally passed a bill that has not been written yet, and they plan on rewriting it to their benefit. Don't worry, this will have an effect on all of us and it won't be good. The liberals are the winners. And they will continue to take until there is nothing to take then it will all be over except for the fat lady singing (you figure that one out).

    Cheers :cool:

    Heh heh, what I meant was, I cant believe those idiots who voted yes for it, are THAT willing to throw away their political carreers. I figured that that jerk traitor bart (stupid) stupak-was lying through his teeth when he claimed he wasnt going to vote yes. This more than proves to me tthat the vast majority of politicians are all lower than a snakes belly.

    hi hondo, I definately hear ya on that-ten loooooooooooooong months. I did contact my rep and was told ill recieve a callback-however, that was about a month ago and no returned call.

    Far a im concerned, that new Calif law is just another money-making scheme for the State Govt. Heck, we all ought to just hand the Bas____s over our bank account numbers and let them take out as much as they want from it-its coming to that.

    Im glad to see that a Republican was voted in. Its about DARNED TIME, that those folks up there wise up some and help put a stop to the ruining of our Country by stopping obama-lama-ding-ding and his cronies-in their tracks.

    harry reid and pelosi both are twits to say the least.

    Also, the latest word I heard about the winner being sworn in-is that the dems don't plan on standing in the way and will allow it to go through. Even john "not-a-war-hero" kerry-said that he should be confirmed and such as soon as possible. I think they are only saying that to save their butts from being roasted in the next elections--fire.

    I'm convinced as well. The current Commander in Chief and his minions are taking serious flack over their bumbling inaction about the Christmas bomber idiot, the NYC car chase, removing the terrorist trials from the military forum, and the Fort Hood shooter. One more incident that results in a body count will account for a massive Teaparty surge.

    The November elections are going to be interesting.

    We deal in lead, friend.

    One of my main wishes for this year-is to see and hear that obama-lama-ding-dong and his commies, get Impeached.