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    Jim, as Kevin mentioned
    you alone don't have a monopoly on getting older!

    Bad day in the UK
    as campaigning MP Jo Cox
    is murdered by just doing her job
    in conveying what she believed was best for her constituents

    Must admit Robbie, I don't see what difference a new thread would make. Being 'dead' since 2015 is hardly a lifetime. Since the slow down many existing threads have been dead a lot longer.

    Surely we're not suggesting making new threads for all those as well?

    We could have course close this thread and start a new one, but what's the point?

    Furthermore, members do enjoy looking back through past discussions

    Jim, I was only thinking of you yesterday! With the Forum reorganization, it got us thinking about our friends. You being one of them of course, got me also thinking about the Politics thread, spurred on by Robbie mentioning it.

    Now we have made it a sticky thread, it will I hope become a lively place again.

    OK, my views on the EU are simple, I want out, brexit we call it.
    Never wanted to be in, in the first place!

    I agree entirely with you about national borders etc.

    I could go on, but haven't got all day ha ha

    Hi Irish--they are and this is the 2nd time in recent months. I asked Keith to start a thread strictly for the purpose for Gun news--and I was ignored again.

    No one is, and no statement is being ignored.
    We are are discussing this and will make a decision accordingly

    Due to members complaints,
    we have have had no alternative
    but to move this post.

    My I suggest that in future, any issues
    of a sensitive political nature
    be confined to this thread.

    Right on target.
    The three times I have meet him. I tried to be nice.
    That was like trying to make friends with a alligator.
    He once tried to have Joe Zuke removed as head of the John Wayne birthplace because he objected to something Chester did at Winterset a few years back.

    Thanks Bill, I just knew it.
    I/we had a run in with him here, a few years back
    and we were glad when he went.
    He sure was and still is, a nasty piece of work.
    I am also aware of the Chester saga,
    but was unaware the little creep was after Joe's head!!

    Well, I can't imagine WHO it might be, since I'M obviously God's gift to this site, and I'm still here!!!


    No count yourself out Russ.
    This ex-member is not inactive because of this thread,
    it's because he chose to be.
    He thought he was the total BEING of all things Duke!.
    All the rest of us were not entitled to an opinion!
    If he didn't know about it, then he it didn't happen.
    If the movie wasn't in his filmography then Duke wasn't in it,
    even if this board had proof, from various sources.
    I think that is the ex-member Bill??

    This thread gets more people hot then a ex-member who thinks he is Gods gift to John Wayne.
    One more thing.
    Look out for the next and maybe the best JW birthday bach this year at Win terset. Can't say want but when its time Wayne will fill in the details.

    Thanks for this Bill, and yes the thread does get heated.
    However we the admin run with the thread,
    but draw the line about politics spilling over into other threads.
    We opt for the policy if it's too hot in here,
    get out and leave well alone!!
    However whatever our members politics and views are,
    we must always remember that all are fellow Duke Wayne fans,
    and as such still treated as friends.
    I would be sad indeed, if any members were to become inactive
    as a result of posts and comments made and said in this thread.

    I would only make one guess to which ex-member to whom you are referring.
    Thanks for the update on Winterset, look forward to more news.

    Just to remind all our members,
    that this is the only thread where politics can be discussed freely.

    If any members object to any posts or contents of this thread,
    then they are free to post their views here.
    Should any member object to the discussion on this thread,
    then may I suggest they stay away!!

    Can anyone and everyone who has personal experience with the English and Candian Health Care Systems, comment on them?

    Yes me, in my part of the UK, the health care as been second to none.
    I had a scare, just before christmas, and it was sorted within two weeks,
    and with 'after sales service' as well, phone calls checking up to see if all was fine!
    Touch wood, no complaints about our local hospital.

    You know looking at this thread,
    it would be easier for all joining in here,
    to form a Social Group,
    which would enable you all, to have an ongoing converstation.
    It could be called whatever you wish, and be invitation only,
    but it would certainly open the conversation up.