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    Could be a close race but I think Romney will lose to Obama as he wont bring out all the conservative vote. Obama main concern is that a major economic diasaster comes to the boil before November and hurts US economy.

    I hope you're wrong, but you have a good point. When will the Republican machine wake up? I was hoping the the 2008 debacle would have shocked them back to reality, but it didn't.

    I'm not voting for Romney, I'm voting against BHO.

    The GOP is gonna have to come up with a tried-and-true conservative to have any chance of beating Bambi. Michele is a take-no-prisoners conservative, even more so than Sarah. I'd vote for Bachmann in a New York minute.

    I like Michele too, but I may vote for Ron Paul in the primary, just to send a message!

    The longer I live the more impressed I am with the wisdom of our founders. They possessed two things that, IMHO, are essential qualities for any politicians: the attitude of a servant and a keen understanding of human nature.

    Our founders attempted to put in place boundaries (the Constitution) that would compensate for those who did not posses, or refused to exercise, those qualities. Unfortunately, of late, politicians on both sides of the aisle seem to spend most of their time trying to get around those boundaries.

    We need to get this runaway train under control before it's too late. Let's not spend our energy trying to figure out who to blame (there's plenty who are guilty), but rather work on fixing the problem by doing what is best for our country and getting back to the America that our founders worked so hard to establish.

    There are entire departments, agencies and commissions of the federal government that I would eliminate, beginning with education, energy and labor..

    Agree, just cutting spending is not enough.

    It's going to be interesting to see if the billions we sent to Egypt will benefit us at all or if they will go the way of Iran.

    Once again, lefties in the so-called "mainstream media" have seized on the tragedy in Arizona to attack Sarah and Rush.

    I never cease to be amazed at how terrified those clowns are of influential right-wingers like Palin and Limbaugh.

    Here's a good article on the Pima County Sheriff, apparently, he has a short memory.…blamed-mentally-ill-and-i

    And why are we not being warned by our President not to rush to judgement about the alleged shooter and his motivation? I guess that only Muslims get that right as in the Ft. Hood shooter.

    Yep, that was a bad one for sure. There's no end of political gaffes, here's a good one:

    "Let me be absolutely clear. Israel is a strong friend of Israel's. It will be a strong friend of Israel's under a McCain...administration. It will be a strong friend of Israel's under an Obama administration. So that policy is not going to change." --Sen. Barack Obama, speaking to reporters in Amman, Jordan

    OK Stumpy, now you've got me curious, who are your 2 favorites?

    And DP, you could be right about splitting the conservative vote. If the repubs don't nominate a TRUE conservative, and she runs as an independent, she'll get my vote. It may be wishful thinking on my part, but I don't believe she is an opportunist, if so, I think her true colors will show eventually.

    Shame she's an idiot. :wink_smile:

    While I can understand why you may not agree with her politics, she certainly is not an idiot. :ohmy:

    I really don't understand why so many people despise Sarah Palin. Wouldn't you think the feminists would just love her? She's the epitomy of what they say they have been fighting for. :no:

    Obama is a socialist, if not a communist, and I'm a hard right-winger, Murray. I'm never going to be fair to someone like that.

    East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet. (or something like that).

    ^^^^^^^ Right on brother!

    I wouldn't rejoice... all that happened is that we voted in more politicians that don't get that we are upset... oh they say they know we are upset but they don't get it.. all they want is the power... we are set for two more years of the same... until we realize that we have been a socialist country since they didn't let the New Deal end, that ALL the politicians have been through the same schools, taught by the same people, making them all the same, no matter what party they are with. We need to NOT vote for anyone that is, was, wants to be a politician... then we will see some real change.

    I agree with you to a point Eric. Part of me thinks it is too late for this country and the damage has already been done. I for one will not vote for any Republican that is not a conservative. I got really ticked off when Carl Rove was hammering O'Donnell after she won the Delaware primary. Saying she was unelectable. As it turns out, he was right, sort of. If the RNC would have supported her more maybe she would have won. In any event, I would rather have a Democrat in office than a RINO.

    I'm seriously thinking of changing parties and becoming either an Independent or a Libertarian. The Republican party needs to get its act together and fast!

    You should move to Texas, the reddest of red states and leave that blue hellhole behind.

    My sister moved from NY state to Texas about 2 years ago and loves it there. If it weren't for moving away from my grandkids, I would seriously consider it.

    Well, let's hope the Republicans got the correct message. We aren't endorsing THEM, but rather the core beliefs that they once stood for (limited government, lower taxes, fiscal responsibilty). The ball is in their court now, if they fumble, we'll kick their butts out in 2 years!

    Amen, Brother Jim - that makes two of us. I hope and pray the Dummicrats are totally destroyed. Forever and ever. :jump:
    BTW, you think Toomey will take the Senate seat?

    Yes, I think both Toomey and Corbett will win. The big question is "do they get it?". I still don't think that most Republicans understand that what they need to do is cut spending (and I'm talking real cuts, not just cutting spending growth), lower taxes, reduce the size of the federal government and return power to the states.

    They need to quit listening to the special interest groups (whiners) and get back to the constitution, but alas, I'm afraid that might conflict with their agendas. We need a viable 3rd party, who knows, I may yet join the Libertarian party! :ohmy: