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    hello All I watched the video Jim and it has humor I can say that. To have as a closer line that people who voted for Obama were both ignorant and stupid are calling the democratic process weak and prone to error. i disagree. When the United States or any other nation with free election deserves and works hard to ensure good leadership, then they will recieve closer to it then by allowing a very few to call the shots. Interest UN involvement in Libya any thoughts members ?

    If I was to attempt an honest review I would have to confess to a lack of information and then do a lot of research. Perhaps that is what impedes many of us of feeling like we can influence change. We have lawns to cut laundry to do food to turn into meals etc etc etc. It seems that in order to get a good person elected the candidate has to pander to so many vested interest groups that they become mired in petty causes. I enjoy the freedom that is left and hope for a time when whats in it for me is replaced by whats good for most of us and not at the expense of too many. In practical application I think we do what we can, when we can, to be a positive part of society.

    Hello all I like Americans of all races. Having said that and in the hopes of provoking Stumpy and or others, I must say that if you all think charging me and my fellow Canadians $5.50 to arrive in your US of A by plane or boat is a good idea, so be it. If that statement isn't enough to get the dust off your keypads, i will go further and say...if Mr Obama had not inherited such a mess from that lunatic war monger profiteering (like his father sob) Mr George Hitler Bush, yall would be in better shape today ! No one is perfect but bush and co did no favors for the nation that excuse the pocket lining they did. Those are lives not words being wasted in those wars. Durn blasted radicals once they become leaders are the rust on the fry pan of life. p.s. hi Jim hope things are good in your world.

    Stumpy as I live and breath you take no prisoner conservatives take consistency to new levels. How in the High Water are you. say hello to a fatish oldish man some time.

    That North Korean Torpedo could cause quite a ruckus. Comes a point when diplomacy steps aside and reality becomes survival

    I am considering your perspectives regarding current legislation. My question was too vague , could you share some thoughts on what you think would lead to a better Health Care System in the United States.

    Jim I am surprised that you of all members would post such a positive affirmation of members of the Democratic Party. Are you suggesting that Republicans could learn something from those who know how to listen ( by not speaking) how to differentiate BS from valuable comments by careful selection and focused listening, and how to survive the many opportunities to be misled by being blind to ignorance in any form.

    PS do you credit the citezenship issue? take care I look forward 2 your response..

    I read that there were over 50 American casualties in Afghanistan in October that is such a high price to pay by the US sometimes I wonder ifit's too high. No one likes to see the bully win a fight but the people there having been fighting amongst themselves for so long. I would be glad to hear other opinions. I don't raise this subject lightly nor with a lack of respect for those involved.

    Hello All greetings Jim I am not limiting the question to the Federal level of government but also open to hearing about sound leadership on the state or municipal levels. As for space dollars i think there are many needs for federal spending that could be seen as a higher priority. I remember when the party here in BC that had been in opposition for a long time, became government, they ran to the extreme. Good luck down there.

    Hello All Stumpy your wit is hard to beat I will have to ponder a response. Ringo you are making me very hungry friend, not good foe a man on an endless diet.

    The posts I have read on this thread would seem to indicate a need for a Devils advocate, meaning alternate perspective offering poster. I volunteer ( if only to get a rise out of my esteemed associate Sir Stumpy. So here goes volley # 1, why do I find it hard to see where credit is given to positive initiatives. ps Ringo do you ever eat at Greek restaurants and enjoy roast lamb or other dishes.

    Hey Jim it was, a darn poor turn out, it seems cynicism is endemic, rooted in a history of scandals that involve both major parties up here. Here's a riddle-- criminal politician answer -- redundant :glare:

    Hey Stumpy did you hear the Conservatives just won a minority government in Canada. If you want to know how send me a pm. As for your election I am watching with interest.

    Horses are starting to look better with oil costs soaring. I'm still waiting for stumpy to announce his campaign.