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    Could be worse you could have our lot!

    Guess it will be Hillary Clinton & Jeb Bush in 2016. Just think of the savings in stationery:thanksgiving:

    Boy if I could pick the lotto numbers as well. Didnt take account of our wee Donald but he has a long run still to the nomination.

    Where's my old sparing partner Stumpy!!

    DukePilgrim - I'm at a loss regarding your remarks about Tennessee...Since I'm living here again, where exactly IS our Belfast here in the "Greenest state in the land of the free?!"

    BTW Carl, there are far more Irish living in the Lone Star state than you might realize! ;)

    It's a blink and you miss it place but of all the places to come off the freeway it was there. It is in Marshall County Zip Code 37019

    Last time I went through Tennessee they already had a Belfast.:wink_smile: so apart from a whole lot of us already being there and giving you your best Presidents etc etc etc

    I would say a lot of countries around the world are going through what happened in 1930s before authoritarian regimes came to power and unfortunately the anti terrorism laws created after 9/11 have left the door open to future unsavory governments.

    You guys our spoilt, you should see the standard of politicians we have here in Northern Ireland, i'd love to feel apart of a power country like the US

    Ditto our politicians here are what Father Ted (actually more Father Jack and Dougall) was to the Catholic church except they make you cry instead of laugh!!

    I read your list Jim. On most of the subjects I came out conservative.

    I exclude myself on the abortion issue for the simple reason until a male gives birth I dont believe any male should raise an opinion on the subject.

    The main problem with the Republican party is not an issue of conservative or liberal. The crux of the matter is that GOP party now stands for the super rich & big corporations. They have no connection with either the working or middle class but just play along soothing noises with no real substance.

    The reason Obama got elected was he was the lesser of two evils.

    Could be worse you could have our lot!

    Guess it will be Hillary Clinton & Jeb Bush in 2016. Just think of the savings in stationery:thanksgiving:

    All I have to say is, Romney had better pick a vice-presidential candidate that excites the conservative base into action.

    I think this could be a crucial factor in delivering the outcome of the election. A popular inspired choice could deliver the vote for him.

    Could be a close race but I think Romney will lose to Obama as he wont bring out all the conservative vote. Obama main concern is that a major economic diasaster comes to the boil before November and hurts US economy.

    Here's one to stir up a political debate & one for the conspiracy theories. Place your bets that US(& more than likely UK) takes military action against Iran before November 2012 ensuring that Obama gets second term as a war president. Before you say cant afford it I bet Saudi Arabia pays for all military hardware used.

    Here's the scenario:-

    Iran doesn't like west but dislikes sunni muslims even more i.e. Saudia Arabia and Iraq.

    Iran is developing nuclear programme supposedly for peaceful purposes but more likely to get material for nuclear missiles not a pretty thought for anybody. If the west does nothing they will have the capability to produce nuclear material by 2012/2013.

    Iran has lots of oil reserves.

    Political interests would like a situation were they can take out Iran regime whilst looking like the good guys. In other word Iran takes some action against Saudi Arabia which creates the scenario for military action. Already bubbling away see below:-…?ftcamp=rss#axzz1abJxgfF0

    Even the unloved Hillary is sounding very hawkish.…/12/gIQABVikfL_video.html

    Now, Saudi Arabia has a military defence alliance with US. If they are attacked US is obliged to supply assistance. A short overwhelming military campaign should be enough to topple Iran regime. Saudi Arabia would bankroll the war campaign same as happened in Kuwait.

    Military contractors would generate millions if not billions from material used with work to resupply weaponry used plus all the civil reconstruction work to damage caused to rebuild Iran.

    In gratitude of disposing of Iran regime Saudis would assist in refinancing banking system
    to save it from going bust and pull the plug on their little terrorist friends. Iran would be opened for oil development big time.

    Political benefits would be a mini boom to stave of recession, political security by neutralising bankers of terrorists and the kudos of a successful war president for Obama in 2012 virtually guaranteeing him a second term in the face of a weak republican candidate.

    Cameron & conservatives in UK may also benefit by forcing a snap election on some pretext of falling out with Liberal Democrats and hoping for a fillip get an overall majority.

    Call me an cynic but when politicians are up to their necks in the brown stuff they like to have a war to take peoples minds off things.

    Here's another few scenarios that point in same direction

    Liam Fox UK Defence Secretary who if Cameron fell under a bus would be a strong candidate to replace him is up to his eyes in scandal. He is unlikely to stay in post and will be conveniently removed before any war camapign.…wing-agenda?newsfeed=true

    BlackBerry phones are suddenly blacked out in Europe & Middle East for two days. Loved by spies and terrorists throughout the world as they cant be traced. It seems very odd that nobody knows how this fault is occurring. If it cant be explained try CIA.:wink_smile:

    Well you heard it here first place your bets.

    He aint the worst Pres yet--because he still has a short way to go before he out-does that Peanut Farmer from Plains, Georgia.

    Agreed but he has still 17-18 months to go. Carter was a decent guy but a lousy President who should not have got anywhere near the White House.

    Timing and luck can play a major role in deciding whether a President is successful or not. Clinton & Blair glided through their terms as respective without being dragged into the quagmire they left for their successors.

    Obama isn't the worst President YET but the 2012 job is like poor old Hoover being elected in 1929.

    Almost invariably, presidents are elected and reelected based on the state of the economy. And we all know what that is right now. So unless economic improvements occur that are completely unforeseen right now, I'm almost positive Bambi will be a one-term president.

    Also, if you read as much about politics as I do, you'll find that many of the people who voted for Bambi last time are deserting him. Mostly because of the state of the economy but also because of the growth of government control over almost every aspect of our lives.

    The job of President in 2012 will be a thankless task for whoever gets it but unless there is a strong alternative Obama could end of getting elected by default.

    I can't see Obama failing to be reelected after he got bin Laden. If he gets Gaddafi as well he will be unbeatable.

    Apparently, the Gaddafis have tickets for the Olympics in London July 2012 Row F14 - G24 which is more than most people so if we leave it to the French they could whack 90% of the politicians in the world in one go.

    Alternatively, he will be at the tennis final at Wimbledon next Saturday Centre Court two or three rows behind Cliff Richard.

    You dont actually expect him to be in Tripoli getting bombed in the explosive manner!!