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    Hey Stumpy,

    I see Souter finally decided to hang it up. Maybe the Anointed One will nominate Judge Bork... or not.

    I'm with you Stumpy! Good riddance to him and those like him! Should have done this a long time ago.

    What I think is particularly fitting is the egg that is now on the faces of Bush and Santorum. Those numb nuts had a real conservative option to support in the last election and they sold out.

    How great would it be to see Arley get beat by Toomey in the general election and prove those SOB's wrong.

    Tom would make a good one Stumpy.

    My concern though is that he's too honest to be electable to that office.:wink_smile:

    I agree Stumpy. The nation has forgotten what it is to stand on your own legs and do for yourself.

    We've become a nation of entitlement whiners and the government is only too happy to provide in return for submission.


    I'm pretty much with you on that. I think if our founding fathers were to come back from the grave we'd have a revolution inside of a week.

    And, with due respects to Hondo, I don't buy in to this being a great milestone of US history. It is, but not in how most would think.

    For me the vote has always centered on the qualifications of the candidate.

    I would have voted for Alan Keys over either one of the two candidates who floated to the top of the election cess pool. In fact I have voted for Alan in past primaries.

    No, this will be an historic era for the US because by the time Obama is done with us, you won't be able to tell the difference between the USA and any other post-western, formerly great,(read Euro-socialism) republic.

    God help the poor babies who are conceived under this administration. Their chances of being born are going to be much less after FOCA goes through. We blaspheme to say "God bless America" when we allow things like this to happen.

    On another note...

    Hey Stumpy, and you other Texicans, what are your thoughts about Ron Paul and his bid for President?

    I lilke what I hear from him so far myself.

    What really bugs me is that our tax money gets spent to perpetuate this stuff, i.e. government forms in other languages, etc.

    Folks need to wake up and smell the coffee. Excuse me, I meant to say cafe. :mad:

    It's amazing Stumpy. There's not a word one about D-day on any of the news services I've checked today.


    My dad used to have to deal with both the Russians and the Chinese. People who openly take bribes over the table as a standard matter of course in conducting business are to be trusted not at all.

    The corruption sickened him so that he finally convinced his company to just pull out rather than try to honestly conduct business with open thieves.

    Isn't it ironic that China has one of the most dynamic economies of our time, yet they still choose not to enforce international copyright laws for software, music, etc.? But you better not have more than one baby over there or you're dead where ya stand.

    We better realize we're getting stretched thin. If/when something breaks loose in Korea, Iran, fill in the blank. We won't have enough collective will or treasure to bring anything to the party.

    The sooner we realize that and tend to our own geniune national interests the better. Israel and Arab oil be hanged.

    Zack, You need to be careful when painting with a broad brush. Most Arabs are not terrorists just as most Israelis are not concerned about the welfare of Palestinian Christians.

    I won't go into a big discussion on this but Israel is using us just as assuredly as China is using us. We're friends/allies/business partners of both only in so much as it is to their benefit.

    If you doubt me, do a little research and find out which country has spied the most on the US in the last 20 years.

    As I've said before, we need to return to the wisdom of our founding fathers and be bound by what the Constitution really says.

    I have a German Mauser sniper rifle of my own only mine was made in 1936 - which is the first year that S-42 K-98's were made. Mine also has a fixed 25 round Ansteckmagazine in it.

    Now that sounds like one of those nasty assault rifle to me. :stunned:

    Another stupid liberal-dreamed-up-arbitrary classification.

    So what caliber is your Mauser? 7 or 8 mm?

    Yeah, I could imagine that JW would have pulled the same thing if he'd been in that situation. I know for myself, I'd at least been pounding on the door to find out what was happening.


    Don't the Swiss have a similar law? I agree with your general premise though and I think most Americans are starting to tend toward that Euro view unfortunately.

    On a similar note, I read a news story today about a guy who got himself arrested because he overheard what he thought were a woman's cries for help coming from an overhead apartment in the building where he lived. He grabbed a cavalry sword that was a family heirloom and busted through the neighbors door only to find out the sounds were coming from a porn DVD the guy was watching.

    The cops arrested the poor guy and confiscated his sword. He could get up to 9 years. The guy thought he was saving someone's life and now he's lost his family heirloom and faces years behind bars because some perv has a penchant for violent porn played loud enough the neighbors can hear it.

    Talk about a jacked up world. :mad:

    "We have a saying in the states, Rob...."I didn't leave the party; the party left me". That's how I feel about the Republicans. I no longer consider myself a Republican. I'm a conservative and IMO, the Republicans no longer represent conservative values."

    That's my attitude too Jim. The 2 parties in this country are now just 2 sides of the same coin.