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    I would like to see a Thompson/Giuliani ticket. But something like Clinton/Obama, you might as well go out and shoot yourselves now.

    After today's market some people might just go out and actually do that. Something better happen fast or people are going to panic. The bottom is falling out of the market. We need some strong leadership to put the pieces back together. People that took these variable interest rate mortgages should have their head examined. I re-financed during the big drop and got a 15 year 6% fixed rate. He mentioned variable and I told him where to put it.

    If anything ever happens, someone needs to drop Pelosi down the elevator shaft. And hope Cheney is taking his meds. Or maybe by then Fred Thompson will be the President.

    Immigrants already have to take an extensive test to get US Citizenship but nothing like we do growing up and going through our high school system. The give potential citizens are given a book they have to study that has things like the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and other things in it that they have to then take a closed book test much like our drivers test and pass it to get the Naturalized Citizenship certificate. But it should by no means be considered enough to do a constitutional amendment to allow them to become President.

    And your right about Kissinger... he would have been passed over. The law only applies to the office of the President of the United States. They have executive orders of succession for nearly every governmental agency in the US. There have been a few Presidential Succession Acts in our history:

    Presidential Succession Act of 1792 (Used 23 times)
    Presidential Succession Act of 1886 (Used 9 times)
    Presidential Succession Act of 1947 including it's numerous modifications. (Used 5 times) The 25th Amendment is one of those slight modifications.

    Here is an excellent site about all of it:

    He was of enough sound mind to do Flags of our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima so he can't be too bad off. I doubt he'd want such a responsibility. It really takes a toll on the person. I saw some recent before and after Clinton and G.W. pictures. They aged very badly.

    I was hoping Clint Eastwood might run for President, I still remember him in one of his first roles, Rowdy Yates, in Rawhide, in this day and age, he could put new meaning to the theme song, where they say,
    " Now head 'em up, and move 'em Out !"
    Unfortunately, Clint isn't quite as conservative as some of the characters he has played.:yeaahh:

    And Clint is getting rather old these days.

    Hell will freeze over before that happens... My wife and I frequent a local fast food place when she works late. Recently we've had problems with our orders. I got so ticked off I grabbed the order myself and drove 2 miles back to the restaurant. When I walked in the door, threw the bag on the counter and said very loudly... "Do you have anyone working hear that still knows how to read or speak English?" A worked walked up and I said, get your manager. I kept the loud tone and repeated my request to talk to someone that knew how to read. I watched as they re-made my order but I definitely caught their attention, we haven't had another problem since. Their little order tickets showed exactly how I wanted my order but apparently no one bothered to read the order. After 4 times I flipped and went there myself.

    Quote from Chester

    I suspect our founding fathers realized that someone not raised in our country might not have a full understanding or appreciation of our Constitution, may not have an appreciation of our Bill of Rights. Many people are raised in countries where freedom of speech doesn't exist, and where the right to keep and bear arms doesn't exist. Consequently, they may be easily influenced to give up said rights.

    Your exactly right. Someone that doesn't live in our country or grow up in our country, born in our country and take our heritage classes, history classes can truly understand our Constitution, Bill of Rights and the basic need to be lead by officials that understand our basic laws and reasons for those laws. Arnold will have to settle for California only.

    ALERT... this will not be PC.

    Hatch is a twit... he flip-flops on veterans issues. The Awnold (Arnold) bill is a joke. It's bad enough when I call a customer service line I have to talk to some idiot that doesn't even speak English. Now they expect me to respect a President who can't speak any better than some of these customer service departments? No way... Natural born US citizens only... open that door that Hatch is trying to do and your asking for real trouble. We already have too many hopping the border like it's nothing. Now we want to allow them to become President someday? The voters of this country will not allow it... Duke would not allow it. Hatch is doing it for one reason only... look at the state he represents. nuf said!

    You see President Schwarznegger wont be too bad. Even The Simpsons have accepted the outcome:wink_smile:


    I doubt he wrote the proclamation, probably some well education secretary. Bite your tongue DP... he can never be president. Aliens are not allowed by the Constitution.

    Heaven forbid we are stupid enough to elect that family back into office. They remind me of the Angel family on Judge Dredd. And Bill has the dial on his forehead.

    Unfortunately, I never spent much time in Corpus. I had to make a couple brig runs to take dope heads to the brig or go pick up some money for the pay office. But we never ran to Corpus hardly at all. We partied in town at that one bar I told you I worked at with the retired Chief who had his own band. And other than that I worked and got married which was my big mistake.

    WM does tend to do what they want. Our K-Mart is still here but they don't stock their shelves very well.

    Same thing happened here recently against Wal Mart--and the Residents won. They did not want Wal Mart to build one of its largerst stores here--I think they are called Ultra Wal Mart--or Super Wal MArt--not sure. Anyway, the residents of the southside of CC rose up and protested and forced the crappy city council we have--to deny that land to wal mart.

    We have Super Walmart and they lost a small battle here the other day... I guess many of the super sized ones are adding a bank that will stay open 24 hours. After two variances we have granted them 750 sq. ft of signs total and they wanted to add a new one for the bank moving in. We told them to give up one of their other signs but that they were overloaded as it is. So no new sign unless they remove an old one.

    Plus two years ago when they super sized we built a fancy intersection just for them. They were suppose to pay for the lighting since it would require stop lights and signals. We said we'd look at giving them a liquor license but didn't promise it. We are overloaded with bars and many spoke out against a liquor store in Walmart so they lost and the refused to put up the stop lights. Bunch of babies... They are getting too big for their britches.

    Unfortunately we have a case gonig on right here in Cincinnati, where the local gov't seized land claiming eminent domain for private developers.

    I whole heartedly agree with your last bit. If I didn't I wouldn't have joined the Marine Corps at 15 and volunteered for service in Vietnam. New Hampshire has the right idea with their State Motto "Live Free Or Die".

    I'd go out fighting... I did hear of a case that some city tried that for some Walmart or something but the owners took it to court and some judge ordered that is couldn't be seized for private use. That was a while back though.

    Eminent domain only works if the government does it and this is a privately funded project. Supposedly no tax money goes into this project. People that are selling their land have that right. I did see that some valuable land was being bought up but I haven't read anything about the government allowing them to seize the property by eminent domain. If that's done then no I don't agree with that.

    I'm wondering how we are going to lose port jobs when the two access points are in the middle of the Texas border. Even so everything that would enter this corridor would have to be checked by customs officials. I'd have to do more reading on it but you hear so many sides to the issues that it's gets too confusing which is probably how they want us to be... confused.

    I don't give in very easy and your right Chester they would have a hard time getting anything from me. But I still believe we're free. I speak when I want and the last time I did at a city meeting where someone wanted to do something that I though was improper and violated current code I spoke up against 15 people on the other side that thought someone should get a silly variance but all I did was read and quote the code... they had no alternative but to deny the request so the law still works around here. I carry a gun in my truck all the time and no one has stopped me yet. We have check points for seat belt violators and I tell them right off that I have a gun he checks my FOID card and away I go... I guess I'm having a hard time seeing what right have been taken from me because so far I'm in pretty good shape around here.

    As far as a one world government, the US has stood up against so many things in the last 20 years or so we are on the UN sh*t list. Which frankly, I think the UN should have been abolished years ago. It serves no purpose except to cause problems and allows certain countries too much power. I think the problem is too many people are afraid to stand up and fight for their rights. I for one won't do that. It does take effort to remain free. Like anything else... everyone has their opinion.

    Again, I love this country, but, I HATE seeing what is going on at the hands of those we pay to protect us within our own government. I fear freedom is now just an illusion, at least the kind that Duke stood for and loved. The things that I know, added to what I learned in Alaska, makes me fear for our beloved America. And the thoughts and feelings shared here by some of our precious servicemen really strengthens my concerns.


    Freedom is not an illusion as long as you can sit here and say what you feel. Go where you want to and do what you want to within the laws of this country. If freedom was lost we'd be living in a much different situation.

    Chester, the International corridor is going to take some of the hugh 18-wheeler traffic off our already congested Interstate system and put it on an independent and privately funded highway with very few exits. The trucks usually only stop for gas and food anyway. So let them rip up this private/tolled highway instead of the taxpayers Interstate system. You'll only be able to get on it at two point in southern Texas with a few exits between the US border and the Dallas/Ft. Worth. Waco, Austin and a few others. We have millions of our tax dollars paying to fix our highways because of the mass imports this country has from down south... why not let the trucks pay for it's upkeep with the tolls they will be charging.

    If you heard a thud it was because I fell on the floor lmao... most people don't even care about politics. I've seen old ladies come to the polls when I would vote and ask things like who's in there now, Dem or Rep. And the official would say a Rep and the said okay. That's what I was told to pick.

    Coming from Fox I wouldn't put much stock in it. And we haven't had a 3rd party President since 1853. I just don't see it in the cards.

    We've barely had a couple people from a 3rd party get elected to Governor. But to gain that much acceptance to beat out the big two at a general Presidential election is almost impossible. There is just too much clout in those two parties forain independent to even make a good run at it.

    Wow, that is a great post Stumpy!!

    When will the country wake up????

    Just like 9/11, the country will wake up for a little period of time after the next disaster hits our soils. Depending on how big the next attack is will determine how long we stay awake before we fall back into our BS kiss the world's behinds mentality. I keep saying, ship the darn statue back to France and tell the rest of the world to go to blazes. Station troops at our borders and blow away any that tries to cross. Hire who they have to so they can get the passport situation caught up and unless you have one of the new ones, give them a swift kick in the arse right back out the door.

    Did you see the haul of illegal merchandise/knock-offs they captured the other day trying to get into the country from CHINA! Favored nation my butt...