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    I keep about a thousand rounds each for all the guns I have. Should hold them off for awhile, just have to teach the wife a tad more about reloading and shooting.

    Give the damn statue back to the French and let them start taking the world's rejects. If we don't shut down the borders from illegals we will have something much worse than 9/11. We saw what they could do with a few jumbo planes, think what they could do with a few semi's and small planes, even a train or two. Anyone watched Jericho... not a bad example of what could happen easily on our own soil.

    It takes way too much to change the Constitution... not only does the House/Senate and White House have to agree but the states would have to ratify the Amendment and that will never go through. Too many states would never agree to letting foreigners become our President. We'd never see it in two life times and even then the immigration problem will get messier and eventually deadlier.

    I just went to Walmart to get a new fir extinguisher and I got so pissed I talked loud enough everyone within ear shot could hear me. Every single extinguisher had a certain foreign language side turned out. I rather loudly said: "I thought I was in America, why in the hell does every item have the G** D*** taco side pointing out. Last time I checked I was in America not Mexico". Not trying to offend anyone in here but I get really sick and tired of having to thumb through pages of instruction or flip something around all the time just to find the info in English. A clerk came over and said he'd take care of it right away and started turning them around. I got a few looks but one guy gave me a wink and a thumbs up, so I made my point.

    When I was stationed overseas, I was expected to know enough to ask for something if I had to go off the ship whether it was France, Spain, Italy, Germany and a few others. Number one priority should be English in all classrooms, even Texas. None of this bilingual stuff, if kids want to learn another language make it available like they did for me in high school.

    The last decent president we had was Ronnie... he did more for the military and our pay then any President has before or after him. Military has no benefits anymore, no family medical, no dental, it's gotten worse since I got out. No matter who is elected things never change. The only thing I will say is get ready for a depression if they elect a Democrat with a Democrat House/Senate. Things will go to hell real fast. Higher taxes, our military will go to pot, Mexico could invade us if that happens. More than they are now that is. I'd vote for Fred for President with Rudy as Vice-P.

    My wife really hates having to see all the food packages and about everything that sells nowadays is in both English and Spanish. I thought we lived in America... move here, learn and speak our language. I get really mad calling some customer support and I can't even understand the person on the other side of the line. I don't care if people can speak more than one language, I can speak 5 but the main one should be English.

    4 very great men in our history. Don't forget to click to see it larger. I met three out of the 4. All very nice and polite in person.

    I 2nd the motion. I would add that every treaty, agreement and pact not associated with members of a race still residing in the US (mainly the Indians) be canceled, shredded and burned. No more favored nation anything. We the people of the US are here to finally take care of our own. All you others... see France, they built the damn statue. I say we ship it back and stick in Nice' harbor.

    We have alternative energy sources and we have some of our own oil fields that are un-tapped we just have to get the damn environmentalists to back off and let us tap into the Alaskan Oil Fields. Another would be natural gas, we have some of the richest natural gas fields. I've driven both propane and natural gas powered vehicles. They work great... we would have to go back to the day of gas station attendants since it's dangerous to pump but it would create jobs that way and I learned how to connect and pump natural gas and it's not that hard.

    We definitely need to get away from Arab oil since China is growing 10 fold using a lot of oil these days. I think the main thing Americans need to do is stay vigilant. Something is coming, and I hate to think where we will get hit next.

    If you really have watched the news over the last 6 months and noticed something that no one has yet to comment on... the return of Russia to communism. It's becoming very clear Putin is more of a hard-liner than people thought. Things that are being done and said point only one way... back to communism. When that happens, the whole world is in for a shake up. China, North Korea, and Iran and all three problems areas. I can see us back in North Korea only because the ugly looking pajama wearing idiot wants war again with us.

    China and their favored nation status has screwed us from the day we gave it to them. And Israel uses us like toilet paper. My personal opinion, let France take back their statue and close our country to outsiders. I just have a funny feeling something is coming and we're not going to like what happens.

    You said the "D" word... shameful. Wash your mouth out with soap. What are the parents going to think when they see The Duke's statue with a handgun in his hand? Just a bunch of idiots that make a big deal about a Navy SEAL statue.

    Actually their reputation for slamming the current administration is profound. And it changes as the administration changes. To me they're more of a humor rag.

    The Washington Times is the most biased newspaper rag in DC. And I was talking the overall reason why Iraq will never become stable with a religious based government. The reason we haven't fought that way since WWII is the stupid United Nations, probably the most worthless organization in the world today. Started after WWII, it's purpose has become worthless. Security council vetoes usually tie our hands because if we don't follow the consensus of the council we look bad. And our main opponents are China, Russia and France. How can you take countries that can't stand each other and ever think they'll agree on policy. Bad topic... moving on!

    I really hate political discussions, because no one usually likes my opinion. After spending 12 years in the military, visiting about 32 different countries, meeting and getting to know many different cultures, seeing the way many many people live in large and small countries, I have to say I like it where I am. I back our President right or wrong, it's what you do if your an American. Not saying he's right or wrong but a nation divided will not endure.

    We've been helping the little guy for over a hundred years now. Helping them fight their wars, eliminate their dictators, feed their people, re-build their infrastructure and everything else we've done with a piss poor reimbursement percentage. One example, our military ships dock in Italian ports for free to pay off their WWII debt. We used to travel through the Panama Canal for free for obvious reasons.

    Personally, and this is where I get in trouble, I think it's time we start letting everyone fight their own battles. Send the Statue of Liberty back to France, close our borders, if your child is born here you don't get automatic citizenship, and starting spending those billions of dollars on our own homeless, disabled and children. Keep our military close to home. Don't allow US companies to out source jobs to other countries so when I call to get help from a customer service department, I can actually understand the person. This may not be a popular view but we have a lot of people right here at home that can use help from their own government.

    I haven't been able to work for 5 years now and I never will again but it took me over 2 years to get disability. People have to remember, we lost more military in Korea in a war that hasn't ended yet. Technically we're still at war with Korea, the only thing stopping hostilities is a treaty and a highly defended DMZ. But we need to start taking care of our own people. New Orleans and alternative fuel source would be a good start.

    The problem I see with the war in Iraq, is you can't mix religion and politics. With our separation of church and state it works. But they want an Islamic religion defined government. Not gonna work!

    Done preaching! :hyper: