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    After reading the description of what it is, I don't see how it could be anything but! Brave man!

    Chester :newyear:

    P.S. Tomorrow night, the Mrs. is making one of the family's favorite "comfort" foods, meatloaf! Yum, yum!

    I forgot to mention that after I had a chunk of that stuff I no longer have to shave.....anywhere.....period!!!! :dead: :wink_smile: :tooth:

    Well, we celebrated my father-in-laws 60th B-Day this weekend and guess what. They had lutefisk. so to be nice I took a small piece, and you know what, its still really gross!!! But there was meatballs and lefse so the meal was quit good despite the nasty jelly fish substance!!!

    How about some Lutefisk and lefse???

    Just kidding, my wife's grandpa loves lutefisk and when I 1st met my wife I went to Christmas and they sat me right beside her grandpa(I know it sounds like a movie, but it happened that way) and flopped a couple pieces of lutefisk on my plate, the smell was awful and I had to smother it in butter and salt and pepper. Man, that stuff is gross. Thank god for lefse, that will clean off the taste buds!!

    As for chicken and dumplings, I think my mom made it once but I am not sure. Its not a big thing up here in the north country, hehehehe! But it sounds really good the way you guys are describing it.