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    Er, I couldn't find a thread for this early John Wayne title, but there is news about it, so I'm starting one. I hope this is in the right section of the forum!

    The Columbia Pictures Pre-Code Classics Collection will be released on July 2, and the titles include the early John Wayne movie Arizona (1931). (YAY!)

    Here is the description of the set:

    Columbia Pictures Pre-Code Collection


    West Point grad John Wayne comes to regret his appointment to a base in "Arizona" (1931) when he learns that resentful ex Laura La Plante is newly married to his C.O. June Clyde co-stars. Taxi dancer Barbara Stanwyck's dreams of rising above her circumstances are dashed by her wastrel husband in "Ten Cents A Dance" (1931). Ricardo Cortez, Sally Blane co-star. Streetwalker Carole Lombard sees a chance for a new life when she falls for kindly cabbie Pat O'Brien, but her past continues to haunt her, in "Virtue" (1932). Ward Bond co-stars. Jean Harlow bolts her small town to join buddy Mae Clarke as a Manhattan model, but isn't prepared for the accompanying heartbreak, in "Three Wise Girls" (1932). Marie Prevost, Andy Devine co-star. Pert waitress Barbara Stanwyck catches the eye of rich boy Regis Toomey, and controlling mom Clara Blandick will go to any lengths to break the affair up, in "Shopworn" (1932). ZaSu Pitts co-stars. 5 3/4 hrs. total on five discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; photo gallery.

    Additional description of Arizona:

    West Point football star Bob Denton is a protege of Colonel Bonham, who considers Bob almost a son. Bob is a ladies' man who resists commitment, and when he tells girlfriend Evelyn that he has no intention of marrying her, she takes revenge by romancing Colonel Bonham, to whose Arizona base Bob has been assigned. Evelyn marries Bonham, and the colonel, unaware of her former relationship with Bob, encourages Bob in his blossoming romance with Bonita, Evelyn's younger sister. With Bonita, Bob finds reason for committing to a long-term relationship, and the two are secretly married. But when Bob is caught in a falsely compromising situation, Evelyn sees her chance to get even with Bob and to protect her sister from what Evelyn perceives as Bob's bad attitude toward women.