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    Words and Music is a 1929 American musical comedy film, directed by James Tinling,
    and starring Lois Moran, David Percy, Helen Twelvetrees, and Frank Albertson. I
    t was written by Andrew Bennison with story by Frederick Hazlitt Brennan and Jack Edwards.

    Released by Fox Film Corporation, the film is notable as the first
    in which John Wayne is credited as "Duke Morrison."
    Wayne was also credited as "Duke Morrison"
    as a property assistant in the Art Department.

    Ward Bond, Wayne’s lifelong good friend, also had a bit part in the movie.

    Duke is credited as Duke Morrison in this one,
    but it was a bland production,
    which for Duke was just a bread winner, rather than
    a career move!
    He was cast in a minor role as a student Pete ,
    vying for the top prize and the love interest.
    He danced with Lois Moran,
    and received his first screen credit.

    Having said that though,
    it once again helped to cement
    the relationship with John Ford,
    who wasn't the director, but influential at Fox.

    He grew friends with George O'Brien,
    who later helped Duke get a part in
    Rough Romance

    Duke said


    Thanks to my friendship with George O'Brien...
    I was made to feel I belonged to the lot...
    I loved going to work at the studio.
    I felt this was my life, my future.

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    Plot Summary,
    Lots of songs and hundreds of chorus girls,.
    This is the tale of two college rivals,
    who enter into a furious competition,
    for the best musical comedy number.
    At the end is the $1500 prize and of course
    the love of the campus belle!
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    Information from IMDb

    Full Cast
    Lois Moran .... Mary Brown
    David Percy .... Song and dance principal
    Helen Twelvetrees .... Dorothy Blake
    William Orlamond .... Pop Evans
    Elizabeth Patterson .... Dean Crockett
    John Wayne .... Pete Donahue (as Duke Morrison)
    Frank Albertson .... Skeet Mulroy
    Tom Patricola .... Hannibal
    Eddie Bush .... Biltmore Quartet member (as Biltmore Quartet)
    Paul Gibbons .... Baltimore Quartet member (as Biltmore Quartet)
    Bill Seckler .... Biltmore Quartet member (as Biltmore Quartet)
    Ches Kirkpatrick .... Biltmore Quartet member (as Biltmore Quartet)
    Bubbles Crowell .... Bubbles
    Vina Gale .... Adagio dancer
    Muriel Gardner .... Song and dance principal
    Harriet Griffith .... Adagio dancer
    John Griffith .... Adagio dancer
    Charles Huff .... Adagio dancer
    Helen Hunt .... Adagio dancer
    Dorothy Jordan .... Song and dance principal
    Richard Keene .... Singer
    Helen Parrish .... Song and dance principal
    Arthur Springer .... Adagio dancer
    Jack Wade .... Song and dance principal
    Dorothy Ward .... Girl
    Sugar Adair .... Showgirl (uncredited)
    Darline Addison .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Harry Albers .... Chorus man (uncredited)
    Iris Ashton .... Showgirl (uncredited)
    Julie Blake .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Ward Bond .... Bit part (uncredited)
    Raymond Brown .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Lita Chevret .... Showgirl (uncredited)
    Marie Cooper .... Showgirl (uncredited)
    Diana Dare .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Dot Darling .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Lucille Day .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Sayre Dearing .... Chorus man (uncredited)
    Frances Dee .... (uncredited)
    Carl Dial .... Chorus man (uncredited)
    Blanche Fisher .... Showgirl (uncredited)
    Tom Gentry .... Chorus man (uncredited)
    Kenneth Gibson .... Chorus man (uncredited)
    June Glory .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Dick Gordon .... Chorus man (uncredited)
    Dorothy Granger .... Bit part (uncredited)
    Charlotte Hagaler .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Kathryne Hankin .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Earl Hughes .... Chorus man (uncredited)
    Katherine Irving .... Showgirl (uncredited)
    Lucile Jacques .... Showgirl (uncredited)
    Adele Cutler Jerome .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Billy Kittridge .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Paula Langlen .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Mildred Laub .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Mildred Livingston .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Jean Lorraine .... Showgirl (uncredited)
    Helen Louise .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Mae Madison .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Peggy Malloy .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Mavis May .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Earl McCarthy .... Chorus man (uncredited)
    William Miller .... Chorus man (uncredited)
    Marion Mills .... Showgirl (uncredited)
    Paul Power .... Chorus man (uncredited)
    Betty Recklaw .... Showgirl (uncredited)
    Emily Renard .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Bobby Renee .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Thelma Roberts .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Maurice Salvage .... Chorus man (uncredited)
    Bernice Snell .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    John Sylvester .... Chorus man (uncredited)
    M. Troubetsky .... Chorus man (uncredited)
    Darleen Ver Jean .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Marion Weldon .... Ensemble member (uncredited)
    Wilma Wray .... Ensemble member (uncredited)

    Writing Credits
    Andrew Bennison
    Frederick Hazlitt Brennan

    Original Music
    Con Conrad
    Archie Gottler
    Sidney D. Mitchell
    Dave Stamper

    Don Anderson
    Charles G. Clarke
    Charles Van Enger

    Art Department
    Duke Morrison .... property assistant

    Other crew
    William Fox .... presenter
    Frank Merlin .... associate director
    Edward Royce .... dance director

    When Fox Movietone Follies of 1929 (1929) was found to have too much footage,
    Lois Moran's numbers were cut and this film was fashioned around them.

    Ward Bond's film debut.

    This film is believed lost. Please check your attic.

    Considered a lost film.

    Filming Locations