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    Here's the story...…w/news/article/48095.html

    Doohan Memorial Spaceflight Set for April 27-28
    But it only includes a portion of his ashes, most of them were put in Puget Sound.
    Astronaut Gordon Cooper's ashes will be part of the same flight. For you youngins... Gordon Cooper was one of the original seven with "The Right Stuff" that made up the Mercury space program.
    Gene Roddenberry had his ashes launched into space by the same company in 1997.

    Doohan was one of my favorites that I met at a convention many years ago.

    Patrick Stewart was really big into theater and I had seen him before but he really became famous with the TNG era. Everyone that stars in a series or movie of ST gets stuck with the ST label, that's why I don't want to see someone like Cruise into the mix. He doesn't fit the part.

    I've heard a couple possibilities from a friend but he was under a production gag contract... we've been life long friends and he knows I'm a fan. He introduced me to Doohan several years ago. Can't wait to see a cast list.

    The info on this has been out for awhile now... They are also in the process of doing three webisodes with some of the older cast members. The new Star Trek movie is suppose to be released Christmas Day 2008... you can get more info here... Star Trek XI

    As far as the webisodes you can get more info here... Of Gods and Men

    There is also another fan project in the works that can be found here... New Voyages

    If it's Star Trek... I know about it. Been a fan since I was a child and seen every episodes of every series at least three times, all 197 DVD's worth.