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    Hi Robbie,
    yep, there are some shots in The Searches trailer which weren't used. Sometimes they might also film additional scenes to promote the film, like for the Trailer of The War Wagon or for Rio Bravo, or an introduction like for The Barbarian and the Geisha.
    Where to find deleted scenes? I wish I knew. You mean where the original material might be? They're either stored somewhere with the studios (must look somehow like that last scene of Raiders of the Lost Arc - they would never find them again themeselves, even if they still had them) or already detoriated, because the original material on 35mm won't stay with us forever.

    The trailers are a good source to find deleted scenes and sometimes other camera angles because most often they had the trailers in the theaters when they were still fine tuning the cut of the picture.
    In the Back to Bataan trailer there's another angle of the stunt in which JW gets blown out of his bomb shelter.
    In the Trouble Along the Way trailer there's another angle of John punching his opponent through a window.
    Lots of deleted scenes in the Longest Day trailer: Missing scenes with Paul Anka and Jean-Louis Barrault and the scene with JW and Robert Ryan is cut differently. Also cut was the scene in which Irina Demich gets back to that wine cellar after successfully blowing up the train only to find her comrades murdered. Then she's picked up by some nasty Gestapo fellas. It was shot - there are photos in a tie-in for the movie, and Demich's portrait they used for the poster was taken from that scene - yet I have never seen it anywhere.