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    Hi Mark,

    I think this was your man,
    David Canary ... 'Candy' Canaday (84 episodes, 1967-1973)

    Hi Keith:

    Small correction - that's not David Canary in the above pic with Ben, Little Joe and Hoss.
    That's a character named Jamie Hunter Cartwright (Mitch Vogel) who appeared on the series from 1968-1973.

    Candy was a ranch hand - here is is pictured with Lorne Greene.


    When I was younger, three things in life were guaranteed: death, taxes and the fact that I'd be sitting in front of a television at 9:00 on Sunday evening looking forward to another great story about the Cartwright clan.

    Great shows week in and week out - sometimes it was a drama - another time it was funny but always quality writing.

    I've spent alot of time in the area that the fictional Ponderosa Ranch sits on and I have to say that Ben Cartwright couldn't have picked a more beautiful place for a ranch.

    When are they going to release this classic television show on DVD..??