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    Watched recently the Episode The Crucible (season 3) with Lee Marvin. It's an interesting episode in which Marvin's Character is forcing Adam to work for him as a slave. Overall it was a good one but kind of weird. :smile:

    I watched recently some episodes of season 1 (the German Release :wink:) and from the season 3. I found them to a low price in a shop next door. :teeth_smile:. On the prices for this DVD Boxes are just too expensive. I forgot how good this show is. Quite interesting in the first season the Cartwrights aren't very friendly to people who enter their territory. Also there is a lot of violence and less humour as we see in later seasons. Anyhow Great Show but with the death of Dan Blocker (Hoss) the series ended for me. :holiday_irish: