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    I guess Jim saw the Bonanza clips awhile ago, when you first posted them, but somehow I missed them. I REALLY enjoyed the one with Lorne Greene singing the song. His voice is slightly reminiscent of Howard Keel's. And who ever knew there were lyrics to that song??


    Sue (aka Mrs. C :angel1:

    While it does not seem that Bonanza is yet available "by the season" here in the States, you can definitely obtain numerous episodes on DVD (we searched "bonanza" on both Deep Discount and Amazon, and came up with a fair amount of reasonably priced options).

    In another thread (about the impressive list of guest stars on Bonanza during its run), Stumpy had a great link to a site that lists every episode of Bonanza, along with the plot, guest stars, etc. A must-see for the die-hard fan!

    Chester :newyear: