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    LOL, Still haven't gotten used to being called "Maam"!
    Well, if you have read my posts, you know I have had the same years. I did so much all of my life that I never stuck with one long enough to earn a pension! But, I wouldn't change it for the world. I may be a Bag Lady one day, but if so, I will organize them all...yep, have a union, teach them to harvest their food by trapping and foraging vacant lots for wild edibles. Also, each will "adopt" a homeless pet to keep them from being euthanized....oh, I have BIG plans for when I become a bag lady....make a great book too, LOL!
    KEITH Too keep this proper......Everyone should watch Ben's episode, "Top Hand" on is a good one!

    I got you by three.
    I don't know about being proud but more people hold the door for me.
    And about being wiser all I know I,ve had more years of acting stupid.

    Haven't see a picture of Dirk in quite a while. Dan's nephew Chris Blocker had some success on the PGA Golf Tour. Good pic of an older Ben, Paula.
    I cried when I heard that Dan had died. Couldn't imagine Bonanza without him....Bonanza couldn't either. KEITH

    Watched TOP HAND on Bonanza on YOUTUBE. Chose the one with the best color. Was too blurry to watch full screen but was OK at the Medium. Old Ben was good. Just like Pappy, I LOVE to see him ride. It was too short though..........would like to have seen more of him....should've been a two parter! Thanks for the heads up, Paula KEITH

    I was about 12 when Dan Blocker died. It seemed to me like I had known him forever, and he was my real friend. I cried all day as I had in 1960 when I was 10 and Ward Bond died. I just always thought of them as a part of our family. Michael wrote a two part show, apparently for Hoss to be married and his wife killed violently still carrying their unborn child. Turned out Michael had to make it for himself. The grief shown by him and Lorne Greene was real, but it wasn't for the fictional was for Dan. KPKEITH