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    So do I! Eastwood and the Duke were real very different cowboy-actors and the made very different movies. I would say John Wayne portrayed more the kind of man, you want to have as a good friend or pardner, ride and fight with him side by side and after that have a good drink with him and meet some beautiful ladies. - I never had this feeling for the characters Eastwood played... Eastwood is more the tortured lonesome cowboy type and he doesn´t enjoy life like the characters the Duke played.

    I bought a wonderful CD yesterday: Rawhides-Clint Eastwood sings Cowboy Favorites.

    We all know from "Paint Your Wagon" and "Honky Tonk Man" that Clint can sing. On the CD You find some fine old country and cowboy songs recorded in 1963. Clint Eastwoods voice is real fine and reminds me of the great Marty Robbins (You can see them both singin´together in Honky Tonk Man). The Songs on the CD are slow and soft, maybe we could say in the style of the Sons of the Pioneers.

    If You are interested have a look here:…sic&qid=1277542385&sr=1-1