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    dont agree with you - Coogan's Bluff is no one of the very goods - but its still a classic and great entertainment - about Don Siegel : no film he directed is realy bad!!

    Depends what we mean by "really bad" - something you would give zero or one point out of ten? (I've rarely seen anything that bad by anybody, actually). In that case I agree - all Siegel films I've seen earn a few at least. Even the most embarrasing to watch due to weak stories and incoherent direction, as Coogan's Bluff or Two Mules for Sister Sara, or just forgettable as Madigan, still have entertainment value. But they are far below the abilities of their makers.

    Have to disagree with you about Every Which Way But Loose, Any Which Way You Can and Where Eagles Dare. Just what is it about these three movies that you don't like?

    EWWBL & AWWYC are comedies and I thought he was great in them and being at war with the Black Widows Biker gang is a classic.

    I'm not the least bit amused by the poo humour, or the ridiculously stupid gang members, or an ape just because it's an ape. I don't so much oppose Clint's part in these movies, he obviously has good chemistry with that ape ;) (Sadly, one of the ape actors died shortly after the filming). Oh, and I think Sondra Locke is a terrible actor; always dragging her along is one flaw in Clint's nearly infallible sense of what is entertaining.

    And then theres Where Eagles Dare. The only thing I have wrong with that movie is the fact that Burtons men wore M-43 caps which were made way too small as you can see that the ear-flaps were way too small. Aside from that minor militaria faux-paux-the movie is thoroughly entertaining-as is the two "Apes" movies.

    M-43 caps? Ehrr... What's wrong is the too unbelievable story and Burton in his role. I think it can be entertaining only if one is enthusiastic about explosions. Clint's role is too small to salvage the movie.

    Outside westerns, I think Clint's best work are the first two Dirty Harries (Dirty Harry and Magnum Force), The Bridges of Madison County, Million Dollar Baby, In the Line of Fire, Play Misty for Me, Absolute Power, A Perfect World (for directing, Costner takes the show in this case) and Escape from Alcatraz - and I like Francis in the Navy - but that's more for the mule than Clint.

    And the worst are Any Which Way You Can, Every Which Way But Loose, The Gauntlet, Coogan's Bluff and Where Eagles Dare (Clint's fine, but the story and Burton as the hero are too unbelievable).