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    PS, I AM blind--I cant seem to find stuff in threads. Uggg--here's to learning how by 10,000.

    You aren't the only one Kiddo, lots of us have trouble finding threads. The whole thing is set up for the Brits, I think.......don't believe Peter has problems, of course, he does if the thread is REALLY NOT THERE! HAH!

    Nice pics Larry and Carl. Surely there is a Gary Cooper thread somewhere?

    The family that built the houseboat with us sent Cecil B. De Mille a wedding invitation because they had always thought he was Dan De Mille Plaster's second or third cousin. He sent a most elaborate, huge sterling silver platter with congratulations. Many years later, I was talking to Dan's wife Sue about that, and she said they had found out that there was absolutely NO relation whatsover. LOL, just shows what you can get if you try! KEITH