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    I prefer Rio Bravo to High Noon, but make no mistake about it this IS a great western. From the opening beats of the song "Do Not Forsake Me" as the outlaws assemble it builds itself into a great character study.
    There are other western movies I will watch if scheduled head to head with High Noon, but if this is on the schedule on it's own, I always settle in to be ENTERTRAINED and that is exactly what it does. Never tire of watching it.

    P.S On a trivia note, and one that I did not see mentioned in the above list. Actor John Doucette is seen in TWO roles.
    First he is seen as a member of the outlaw gang assembling to meet the train, and is the outlaw who asks the station master if the train is on time.
    He is also seen in the discussion in the church as one who voices his support for the Marshall.