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    Mark, you and I sound like brother's sometimes!!! :ohmy:

    I too have grown to like the spaghetti western's and this one I found was long but had a epic feel to it. I really liked Bronson and Fonda as the rest of you did, but also enjoyed Jason Robards. In fact it's probably the only movie that I really liked Jason Robards in. I used to catch the spaghetti movie's on TV while growing up but never really understood them, but in the recent years I have purchased the collector's edition's that are on DVD and have really grown to like them. Do I think they are a great western? No. But they are not as bad as some that I have watched.

    And you are right Jay. If you have a large flat screen TV, the film is so much better to watch. Pan and scan is very hard to catch the whole mood and on screen action with.