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    For an insight into Audie Murphy an interesting book is Picture by Lillian Ross. This looks at the making of The Red Badge of Courage from in concept to box office failure.

    It also obviously contains much about Audie Murphy including

    'For the role of the youth Huston said he wanted twenty-six year old Audie Murphy, the most decorated hero of the second World War, whose film career had been limited to minor roles. Huston said he was having some difficultu persuading both Schary and Reihardt to let Murphy have the part. "They'd rather have a star" he said indignately. "They don't see Audie the way i do. This little gentle eyed creature. Why in the war he'd literally go out of his way to find Germans to kill. He's a gentle little killer'.

    When telling Murphy about his role Audie was unimpressed giving the impression that he didn't want to be where he was or interested in what was going on.

    On the day of the commencment of shooting Max Reinhardt wrote Huston a long letter part of which said .......

    'Let me-on this day- point out the main problems as they come to mind one by one.

    (1) Audie Murphy. He needs your constant attention, all your ingenuity (photographically and directorially), all the inspiration you can give him. he shouldn't be left alone for a single second. Nothing should be taken for granted. At the risk of making myself a temendous bore, CONCENTRATE ON AUDIE MURPHY! I watched him. I believe he will be good. How good (and the whole picture depends on the degree ) depends entirely on the support you give him.'

    For many reasons including the fact that the film was subsequntly cut to ribbons. it was a financial flop.