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    Don't worry you're not alone! Maybe I need to watch more of his films to pass a proper judgement but on what I've seen so far I have to admit I agree with you.

    Hi D/ see post above--give Bad Boy a chance-and come back to me for other opinions of what ive seen of his and ill gladly give you a list--Audie REALLY was good. ;-))

    I realize that I might be stepping on some toes here, but I could NOT stomach Audie Murphy.

    I "tolerated" him in the movie where he played himself "To Hell and Back," and I respect and admire him for his heroism and resulting accolades, but watching him on film is like enduring a 4th rate version of "The Music Man"

    hi Tennesseean, give him a try in a movie called: Bad Boy. It's one of his earliest efforts and he was not only good, but VERY good--I kid you not?

    Audie Murphy is one of my personal heroes. I never saw any of his movies until we finally got cable TV in Kingsville, TX-back in about 1980. I liked him instantly with my first viewing of: To Hell and Back, and liked him even more in: The Red Badge of Courage. He starred in this movie with fellow vet/buddy/famous 45th ID & Stars and Stripes Cartoonist: Bill Mauldin-who created the classic characters of all time-Willie and Joe.