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    Im halfway through watching Rose of Cimmaron, Audie Murphy, and couldnt believe my eyes, he is riding Jimmy Stewarts Chestnut Arab/ Q/Horse named Pie.

    Must have been before JS started riding him because i think only once did someone else use him in a movie when JS was away and when he returned and foind out he was not happy. JS rode Pie for over 20 years.

    I think he tossed Glen Ford into a tree when he rode him

    hi jessie would it be the cimarron kid(audie murphy) jack buetel is in rose of cimarron

    i liked audie murphy a good actor.his best role was in the unforgiven with burt lancaster.most of his westerns are decent enough especially night passage,hell bent for leather,walk the proud land,drums across the river and so on.he is another actor that was taken well before his years.