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    does a hd movie look that much better than regular dvd?

    We have had the HD vs non-HD discussion many times over the years that I have been here. For an enthusiast it will be more noticeable as well as if you are watching it on a big screen TV. Smaller screens tend to not be as noticeable for non HD content. Also, the source must be clean. I have seen some really bad HD transfers from regular DVD to HD media and the regular actually does look better. To answer your question though, yes, HD is a big improvement over regular DVD. I have "The Searchers" on regular DVD and on Blu-Ray and the Blu-Ray blows it away.

    Some have mentioned my favorites. Great Escape, Stalag 17, Saving Private Ryan, ect.. I will also add The Big Red One, Battleground, Kelly's Heroes(not a war movie in the sense of realistic, just like the action and comedy), The Patriot(revolutionary war, Mel Gison), We Were Soldiers(Mel again), Where Eagles Dare(Clint and Burton). I will also add that it may not be a movie but the mini series Band of Brothers is I think one of the greatest if not the greatest account of a unit in a war situation that I have ever watched.

    I am sure I have more, I am at work and cannot remember my DVD collection at home so I will update if I see something I forgot.