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    Hi Jim, you cant go wrong with these. The Desert Rats and the Desert Fox are related to each other and James Mason plays Fieldmarshal Erwin Rommel in both. In fact, I just rewatched both of them yesterday and this morning ;-)) The rest are all good movies and the "worst" of those eight IMO-are The Immortal Sergeant and The Young Lions-and those are still good movies.

    Might I suggest a few to you:

    Hannibal Brooks, The Command, Darby's Rangers and The Tanks Are Coming.

    In: The Desert Fox, they use quite a bit of real footage which blends in nicely--check out the footage of the Opening British Artillery Barrage on El Alamein.

    One that I had always heard about, but had never seen-that is-until it was played last month on TCM, is: "The Commandoes Strike at Dawn" w/ Paul Muni. This movie is about the Germans invasion of Norway - the occupation of - and the start up of the Norwegian Resistance Movement. The movie was excellent all the way through.

    Keith, if you see this post-please post this movie. It's one that doesn't seem to get much in the way of airtime on TV.

    Hi WaynamoJ/ I too have always liked Desperate Journey. Errol Flynn, Alan Hale Sr. Ronald Reagan and Arthur Kennedy were all great. Their main German nemisis was Raymond Massey-who I thought made a great adversary of theirs.

    All the other titles you mentioned are great and favorites of mine too.

    Two more that come to mind that I can mention that are "decent" at best but should be mentioned for fans of Alan Ladd, are:

    The Deep Six, & All the Young Men.

    If there is anymore War Movies that you think are worthy
    of being included in the Classic War Movies,
    please post them here

    Hi Keith, there are so many that are worthy of being in your War Movies section. A few more I can think of that have not been mentioned are:

    Straf Bataillon 999 (Punishment Battalion 999)
    Le Grande Illusion (The Great Illusion)
    Did I fail to mention DUNKIRK? If I did, that's embarassing.
    The: 08/15 trilogy.
    Battleship Potemkin.

    Give me time, I will be able to mention more ;-))

    Best regards-C.

    A few foreign war movies that I can think of that I liked much are:

    Die Brucke-which was directed by Bernhard Wicki-the very same Gent who directed the German Battle Scenes in: The Longest Day.

    Der Teufels General-both original and remake.

    Hitler: The Last Ten Days.

    U 571.


    Five Branded Women.

    Non foreign

    The Vikings (can't remember if that one was mentioned?)

    The Longships.


    They Came To Cordura.

    March or Die.

    The Inglorious B@$t@rd$.

    No Man Is An Island.

    The War Lover.

    The Dambusters.

    Persuit of the Graf Spee.


    Biggles: Adventures in Time.

    The Buccanneer.


    The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.

    The Land That Time Forgot.

    Colonel Redl.

    Straff Bataillon 999.

    Cross of Iron.


    The Battle of Britain. (At this point, im not sure if it has already been mentioned and have to assume so)

    The Wild Geese.

    Ice Station Zebra (Ok not 'zactly a war movie-but Cold War)



    All 15 titles to the Sharpes Rifles series. These are the ones with Sean Bean in them as Sharpe.

    All eight Horatio Hornblower titles. Ill fill them in later-same as above.

    Here's one that hasn't been mentioned yet that I like is FULL METAL JACKET. That's when I first discovered R. Lee Ermey and have enjoyed some of his other movies. Anybody here ever watch mail call on The History Channel?

    FMJ is a great Nam War Movie aint it? ;-)) It's my second favorite-the first of course being Duke's The Green Berets. :teeth_smile:

    Also, yep, I used to watch The Gunny on Mail Call. Still do when I can find it on THC.

    Many great movies listed above so far, so i'll try not to duplicate them with:

    Decision Before Dawn w/ Richard Basehart, Gary Merrill, Oskar Werner, Hans-Christian Blech, O.E. Hasse, Til Kiwi, Wilfrid Seyffarth and a very young: Klaus Kinski, as the "whining soldier."

    A Time To Love and a Time To Die w/ John Gavin, Lilo Pulver, "Dana" Jim Hutton, Keenan Wynn, Thayer David, Jock Mahoney and Don DeFore.

    Stalingrad w/ Thomas Kretschmann.

    Cross of Iron w/ James Coburn, James Mason, Klaus Lowitsch, Maximilian Schell and David Werner.

    The Battle of Britain w/ Trevor Howard, Michael Caine and Curt Jurgens.

    The Enemy Below w/ Robert Mitchum, Doug McClure and Curt Jurgens.

    Fixed Bayonets w/ Richard Basehart, Gene Evans and Skip Homeier.

    Hell To Eternity w/ Jeffrey Hunter, David Janssen, Vic Damone and George Takai.

    Purple Heart w/ Dana Andrews.

    Sahara w/ Humphrey Bogart, Dan Duryea, Kurt Krueger and Bruce Bennett.

    Von Ryans Express w/ 'Ol Blue Eyes" Frank Sinatra, Trevor Howard, Brad Dexter and Sergio Fantoni.

    Go For Broke w/ Van Johnson and John Banner.

    Never So Few w/ Frank Sinatra, Charles Bronson and Steve McQueen.

    Hell Is For Heroes w/ Steve McQueen, Fess Parker, Bob Newhart and James Coburn.

    Beau Geste w/ Gary Cooper.

    Objective Burma w/ Errol Flynn.

    Charge of the Light Brigade w/ Errol Flynn, David Niven, Olivia DeHavilland and Donald Crisp.

    Dawn Patrol w/ Errol Flynn, David Niven, Basil Rathbons and Donald Crisp.

    Sink the Bismarck w/ Kenneth More.

    Stalingrad: Dogs Do You Want To Live Forever w/ Curt Jurgens.

    None But the Brave w/ Frank Sinatra, Clint Walker and Brad Dexter.

    Too Late the Hero w/ Cliff Robertson, Michael Caine, Henry Fonda (briefly) and Stanley Andrews.

    Battle of the Bulge w/ Henry Fonda, Ty Hardin, Telly Savalas, George Montgomery, Robert Shaw, Robert Ryan and Charles Bronson.

    Hotel Berlin w/ Alan Hale Sr.

    Hannible Brooks w/ Oliver Reed, James Donald, Wolfgang Priess, Hans Lohner, Til Kiwi and Michael J. Pollard.

    Midway w/ Charlton Heston, Henry Fonda and Robert Wagner.

    Desperate Journey w/ Errol Flynn, Alan Hale Sr. Ronald Reagan, Arthur Kennedy and Sig Ruman.

    Target Zero w/ Richard Conte, Charles Bronson and Chuck Connors.

    The Devils Brigade w/ William Holden, Claude Akins, Richard Jaeckel, Carrol O'Connor and Michael Rennie.

    Merrill's Marauders w/ Jeff Chandler, Claude Akins, Ty Hardin and Andrew Duggan.

    The Colditz Story w/ Sir John Mills, Eric Portman and Theodor Bikel.

    Bataan w/ Robert Taylor, Desi Arnez, and George Murphy.

    Guadalcanal Diary w/ Anthony Quinn.

    Halls of Montezuma w/ Richard Widmark, Robert Wagner, Karl Malden, Neville Brand, Reginald Gardner and Skip Homeier.

    55 Days At Peking w/ Charlton Heston, Stanley Andrews and John Ireland.

    The Red Ball Express w/ Jeff Chandler, Charles Drake and Sidney Poitier.

    Major Dundee w/ Charlton Heston, James Coburn, R.G.Armstrong, Dub Taylor, Richard Harris, Ben Johnson and L.Q. Jones.

    To Hell and Back w/ Audie Murphy, Charles Drake, Marshall Thompson and David Janssen.

    I'll stop for now ;-D